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In this mid-day, hot summer, hope you are enjoying green coconut. But I am not with you food today. The day is for book- warm. I know some mate of mine are fond of book. I always like to read book. In my list I prefer to travelling story. People can learn in two ways- a) Go to the teacher or any institution.b)Close to the nature, culture means travelling.

So, Travelling is a great source of learning. But I know you are a crazy people for travelling. But travelling is a costly and time consuming matter. Everyone has no facility to travel any place any time. You have a limitation of money, time, and risk. But you can accomplish your thirsty by reading travelling story.  You can see at glance the best travelling story of Bengali literature.


  1. “Robindra Vromon kahini”

Robindranath who has lit our literature with his golden touch. Every corner of Bengali literature becomes full of Rabindranath Tagore. He went to London for study. When he was only seventeen years old. He started his Journey by ship from Mumbai. By describing his experience of Journey he wrote “ Europe Provasir potra” I have read it a few days ago. Actually the book is a collection of letter. At first Robindranath did not disclose his name. That time it would publish consequently as the title of “letter of an Indian young from Europe” in “Varoti” newspaper. In Indian subcontinent Robindranath is one of the person who visited many place that time. From his experience he drew the picture of the place, culture, geography, behavior of people. With his own experience he wrote” “Parossa “(1919), “ Rashiar citi” (1919) , “Japan jatri” (1931). If want to read and lessen your cost you can buy “Robindra vromon Shaitto” here you can get whole togther. Hope your starting will be joyful.

  1. “Deshe bideshe”

Can you remember the humorist of Bengali literature? Certainly, I am telling about Mujtoba Ali. May you never forget about” Roso gollah”? I read” Roso gollah” in class nine. However Today, I am not with Roso gollah. Mujtoa Ali a witty writer. He drag the character by dexterously. Though there is no lack of humor. He went to Kabul as a teacher of English and Farshi. He started his journey from Kalkata to Kabul. He wrote about people, culture and what happened with him when he was in Kabul. Deshe bideshe is one of the successful travelling story of Benglai literature. You cannot stop your laughing.

  1. “Pothe provase”

After Deshe bideshe I am telling you pothe provase” But now writer is Annodashongkar Ray.

Though it is considered as travelling story. But it is not limited only travelling. Annadashongkar Ray went to London after passed in Indian civil service as probitiner. He had opportunity to see the Europe with closely. From his experience he had presented the culture, lifestyle, politics, religion, custom of various country of Europe. Writer shows the difference between the culture of Europe and Indian subcontinent.

  1. “Bilete Sare stasha din”

You can read lots of travllling story but Bilete share Satsha din is exceptional. You can differ it. He stayed in London for two years. He was amused to see the disciplinary life of English people. That time London was the cosmopolitan of various nation. He take a gander about the literature, life style, education system, science, art, freedom of people. He was so sagacious, He not only praised the English but also he presented their fault. As if he drew of London adroitly.

  1. “Ze deshe manus boro”

Poet Jasim Uddin got invitation form Russian government to visit Russia. He went there in 1968. At firsts after going there he faced a problem. Poet did not know Russian language, on the other hand Russian people did know English. How he can he express. Then an interpreter was collected for him. He was visited the Mosque which was built by wife of Toimour long. With his great experience of Russia he wrote” ze deshe manus boro”


I will write about another 5 travelling story of Bengali literature. Wait and keep well.

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  1. Yeah! reading book is an art for me. A quote goes that the man who reads book regularly, he has no enemy. Actually reading is more interesting topics for book lovers. Hence, I suppose reading is the part of my life as well as my entertainment. Though I am Bengali, but I am pond of English literature books. All the books of higher knowledge gives me much pleasure. I love reading book forever.

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