Mashrafe Bin Mortaza: A Hero

In 5 October 1983, Beside the chitra river under Norail district of Bangladesh, a male baby child was birthed.

His parents used to give his nickname as “Koushik” but we know him as ” Mash “.

Perhaps, You could guess whom I’m mentioned in this article.

Yes, He is Mashrafe Bin Mortaza. The captain of Bangladesh Cricket Team.

If hundreds of cricket lovers will be asked that who is your idol in cricket, then almost everyone will reply with the name of Mashrafe Bin Mortaza.

Today, I’m going to write a short passage about this legendary cricker of Bangladesh Cricket Team who is inspiring the whole nation and won the hearts of the nation.


As I write before,  Mashrafe bin Mortaza was borne at Narail. Mr. Golam Mortaza and Hamida Mortaza are his elated parents. He was grown up in Norail. He is a international cricket player and currently the former captain of Bangladesh National Cricket Team.

He likes to play football, badminton and cricket. In cricket, He is a all rounder but likes to play as a batsman most.

He is a right-handed batsman and a right arm medium-fast bowler.

He went to Jahanhirnagar University for his graduation in 2003-2004 session and completed it under Department Of Philosophy.

He also likes to swimming in the chitra river.

In his personal life, He is a married person. He is married to Sumona   Haque in 2006 whom he met at Govt. Victoria College of Norail.  He has two children – a daughter and a boy.

Surprisingly,  His sons birthday is same as his birthday. The name of his daughter is Humaira Mortaza and The boy is named Shahil Mortaza.

It is told that there is very good support behind every successful person and in his life,  Sumona also proved the myths.

She supprted in every danger times of Mashrafe bin mortaza because it is uncountable how much Mash has injured.

He had operated for more than ten times in his both knees and uncles but every times ,  He came back again with that serious situation and performed very well match in Bangladesh Cricket team.

Sumona supported him all those times and used to pray for him.


Mash started his career 8 November 2001, He successfully passed around 16 years of his cricket career.

He had retired from Test match at 2009 and recently he had retired from playing T20 ( 6th April 2017).

He was the first one who started playing cricket as him career without any first class match.

He had displayed a very good performance in the Under-19 cricket team that time which impressed Adony Robert,  The coach of Bangladesh cricket team at that time.

He permitted Mash to play without any 1st class match.

He played against Zimbabwe on a test match held in the Banghobandhu Cricket Stadium in Dhaka at 8 November 2001 and played very well.

He took 4 wickets by 106 runs ( 4/106)   but the match was suspended because of rain at that time and resulted as a draw match.

Then, He started to play with Bangladesh National Cricket Team by his full efforts.


In the same year of 2001, He played his first ODI as a cricker on 23rd November. He was a first bowling attacker at that time  in Bangladesh Cricket Team. After that time, We are watching him with a very well performance and regular figure in Bangladesh cricket team.

I think,  There is no need to mention how much success stories or his achievement in Bangladesh Cricket team.

Because the person who love cricket and watch cricket matches might noticed it.

But in his 16 years career life, there was lots of ups and downs.

We don’t know many times he played with an injured leg, We know don’t how many times he got physical sufferings while playing cricket.

He had a countless number of injuries in his legs.

We are well known that he had 10 times operation in his knees.

We also know that he used to tie bandages in his legs while playing cricket.

He was back-injuried when he was passing one year joining the cricket team in 2002.

It happened when he was playing against Pakistan after playing test matches against Zimbabwe and Newzealand.

He was taken to hospital and it took around 8 months to came back in field but in these times,  he also played some matches with higher risk.

In September 2003, while Bangladesh team was in a tour in Srilanka for cricket matches he was also forced to came back Bangladesh for his back injury.

He has not been playing test match since 2009 for his injuries and recently he declared that he won’t play any T20 in the future.

He was also injured in T20 Cricket match in 2014.

He faced such hazardous situation many times but he never stopped.

Many people thought that success won’t come by Mashrafe as he was injuring many times and having many surgeries in his legs, But every times Mashrafe proved that they are wrong and He showed them his capability wining those cricket matches.

It is Mashrafe who can take challenge to any situation.

He is the person who can say speech to public that he will be tried to be played well in any match until he contains the last blood drop.

He is the who also has the power to prove his speech.

He has been injured many times but never stopped to play cricket.  He never stopped because of his passion and love to cricket.

Cricket players play cricket by their body and mind but This is Mashrafe who play from his soul.

Because he loves his county, He loves the people who are dreaming with him, He is passionate for his favorite cricket team.


If we look back to his 16 years cricket career, We will find that he has been playing for many years with many legendary cricket players.

He had played with Akram khan,Habibul bashar, Aminul islam bulbul, Nafees Iqbal, Mohammad Ashraful.

Nowadays, He is also playing with Mushfikur Rahim,Tameem iqbal, Sakib al Hasan, Soumya sarkar, Mustafiz, Mehedi miraz, Mosaddek hossain.

Many players had fallen down their career but Mashrafe is playing now with his success.

There are many success stories whose can be mentioned here but the most important is that he is playing with his serious injuries.

He is not the world’s fastest bowler or the finest cracker or the best cricketer in the current time but he has won millions of peoples heart in cricket by his leading quality and captaincy.

He could manage every cricketer in his match by taking the proper step.

He has the quality to take risk and to overcome any critical situation.

He is an awesome motivation leader.

People take him as their motivational leader.

He is not only our captain or a good cracker, He is our inspiration.

We can take a very good lesson from him to work hard in critical situation in our life.

We can acquire the capability to take risk of success.

Mashrafe is our idol, He is in our heart.

He will be alived in our heart for his tremendous work for the team because In the balanced Bangladesh Cricket Team he has the most contribution.

We are praying for his prosperous life with his family.

May Allah bless him.


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  1. So nice Hadi vai.I read it easily & obviously understand it.Beautiful description about Mashrafi.. So many information you pay nicely, I don’t know before , but reading ur post I know him with his personal life..All words are easy for me, so when I complete it, my heart fills in joy..
    please else write for me so that I increase my knowledge….

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