Mustafizur Rahman: The new Cricket Legend

It was June 2015, Almost all news and print media published their news against a Bangladeshi newspaper ” Prothom-alo”.

What was the fault?

Prothom-alo published a mock in the comic called Rosh-alo which is published weekly by the famous newspaper jeering the Indian Cricket team which was  lost ODI cricket against Bangladesh Cricket Team.

Actually a newbie cricketer made that happened to indian team by his efforts in the match.

But the mentioned newspaper always prints comics and they don’t even rebate any celebrity or minister who made any fault.

I’m not going to write about the case but today I’m writing about that person who was highlighted for that case, who made indian cricket team facing such mockery. 


Yes, You might get the perfect name which is to be mentioned and he is our fizz.

He is the best cutter master in Bangladeshi cricket team.

He is Mustafizur Rahman, a cricket youngster of Bangladesh National Cricket team.

In the May 2015, I read my news articles and watched many documentary about him.

He joined to our national cricket team few days ago but won the hearts of 160 millions people within very short time by his performance.

The is the first one who won the “Man of the Match ” award in both ODI and Test match.

His another fame is his name was declared as Best player of the Year’s  list in 2015.

This is Maustafizur Rahman who is a international cricketer from Bangladesh. He is a very younger one among our cricketers.

He birthed at 6th September 1995 in a village named Tetulia under Sathkhira District of Bangladesh which is about 40 kilometers away from the Sathkhira town.

Mr. Alhazz Abul Kashem is his father and Mrs. Mahmuda khatum is his mother.

Theyy are six siblings in the family of Mr. Kashem and Mahmuda where Fizz is the last in position.

Another name which I must mention here is Mr. Mokhleshur Rahman who played an important role in the debuts of Mustafiz as a young cricketer of Bangladesh National Cricket Team.

From the earlier times of his life he was left-handed.

The family had struggled a lot to change the habit which made them worried about his future because he was eaten by left hand too.

The family was successful to change the habit of eating by left hand but in the later,  We are seeing that, He is a left handed batsman.

Yes, He likes cricket from the childhood time and he was a great fan of the international game.

Nowadays, He is playing role as a bowler in Bangladesh Cricket Team. He is a left-handed batsman and a left-arm-medium-fast bowler in the mentioned team.

He has played in Under-14 to  Under-17 and Under-19.

Also, He played in several matches for many league like  Khulna Division,  Played for Mohammedan Sporting Club,  Played BPL for Dhaka Dynamites, Played PPL for Lahore Qalandars, Played IPL for Sunrisers Hyderabad and he also played for Sussex County Cricket Club as international cricketer with a very good performance.

But the story of becoming a cricketer was quite tough for him.

He has a very straggling history in his life to debuts himself as a cricketer in Bangladesh. His father was so much serious about the studies of hischildrens but Mustafiz was not a very good student in his student life and that’s why his father was so much worried about his future.

There was four teachers taken to their home to guide him and to bring him on the right track when Mustafiz was in class six.

As like other guardian in Bangladesh ,  Mustafiz’s father also ambiguous that his son will be a Doctor or an Engineer in the future.

But he didn’t get the proper response from his son because he was fond of leaving school without doing classes.

Average times, He used to play cricket instead of attending classes and Finally, He told his father that Being a Doctor or An Engender is impossible for him and he wants to be cricketer.

This dangerous decision from Mustafiz made Mr. Kasem more worried about his sons career.

Mokhleshur Rahman who is the mid-elder brother of Mustafiz was not worried enough for him like his father because he could get that he has a talent in playing what he observed in several times in his playing.

Mokhleshur was advised by one of his friend to make Mustafiz admitted in Sathkhira Public Club.

Fizz was admitted there and he was guided there by a local coach named whom they called Altab vai.

Altab Bhai saw that he has a very good talent in cricket and then he suggested Mokhleshur to take fizz to Under-14 cricket team and Fizz was selected there as a player of Under-14.

Then,He was guided by Mufsinul islam, former coach of Sathkhira Cricket Academy. He was also the teacher of bothyoungsterr Soumma Sarkar and Mustafizur Rahman.

Fiz always likes to play cricket by batting but the coach could findout his telent in bowling and suggested him to play role in bowling.

From then, he is doing very good work in bowling.

In the meantime of playing cricket at under-14 cricket team at sathkhira,  He was brought there daily by riding motorcycle with his brother Mokhleshur Rahman because they lived in tetulia which 40 Kilometers far away from the Sathkhira town.

He played vary well and played upto Under-17.

Then, Suddenly he gets to know that, Fast bowling camp was running in Sherebangla Stadium of Dhaka and he came to dhaka to give a trial.

He was selected successfully.

From next,  He was playing in Under-19 in dhaka regularly.


He was practicing for his bowling in the national team net and there his talent was caught by the coach and he started to play with a very good performance.

He started his successful journey when he was picked for west Indies in 2014 and he also played that time as a player of khulna devision and Abahoni.

He started his career as a “List A ” player at 2014 as well.

In June 2015, he played a ODI series against India where he took six wickets on the first day and took 6 wickets in the second day while India was in a tour in Bangladesh .

He also won the Man of the series award at that series and his fame was started to published from then.

But this was not his first intentional cricket match,  First he was played a series against Pakistan of twenty overs where he two wickets including the wicket of Shahid afridi.

He also played the three days ODI against Zimbabwe which was hosted by Bangladesh in November 2015.

He also played in the T20 against Zimbabwe in January 2016 but couldn’t play in the last day but the two days when he was playing, the Bangladesh team won.

During the Asia cup, He was incapable to play because of his injury.

He had played against India,Newzeland, Zimbabwe, Australia, South Africa, Pakistan cricket team with their veteran players.


His father was asked once to say something about his son and then he said that Mustafiz is not only my son,He is the son of 160 peoples of Bangladesh.

Our primister also acclaimed about Fizz in her cabinet meeting.

Actually, Mustafiz in our heart and he won the place by his performance,For his dedication and patriotism for the country.

We love Fizz and wish every times for his very good future.

We are hopeful that Bangladesh team will be the apex with such heroes.


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