Month: November 2018

To Baba

Dear Baba,   Baba How are you ? I know you are not well for some problems. Baba i want to share your pains, i want to support you as like a boy. It’s my childhood dream. When i was little and i try to help you for your work or you always tell me …

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My 13th Day Challenge

Today i M so much happy, are you know? why, i m happy, Yes i said about the things, Nowadays i m see my own progress in 100 days journey. First time it WAS totally tough things for me.. But i kept calm, nowadays i m give my full time in the morning session for …

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Reading is My Strength

At this time I m totally free,,because few months ago I m completed my graduation from nu.. I got a good c.g.p a 3.41..good result is good but not enough for the job.. I gave in exam in the onnorokom group. That’s time I m answered every question in English.. I m enjoyed so much …

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Thanks giving

Dear papiya, At first take my heartiest love.i hope you are well by the grace of omnipotent allah.i am also well alhamdulillah! Now come to has not been  so long we know each other.maybe you forget this incident when i first time notice you but i remember this day.i see you for first time …

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Summary of Zero category

Assalamu Alaikum. What’s up, pals? Hope all are well by the mercy of Almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah, I am also fine. What are you doing now friends? Did you know about the 100 days search English journey? Today is day four. Sir gave us a link for completing reading. Today’s task is reading zero category posts …

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Opportunities in Bangladesh

Assalamu Alaikum. What’s up, peeps? Hope all are well. It is my first letter to submit this group. Ok, friends; today I want to describe an important topic about our country lovely Bangladesh. We all love our country very much. It is a place of divine nature, greenly and well temperament. It is a land …

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Don’t care any bad comment

Maybe today you seeing some people trying to criticize you for your weakness of English language. And some people giving hahaha react in your post, it’s reality. But one you will see that, kind of those people they are want to help from you. Are you believe it?? When you reached in the midway in …

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Razib sir’s advices from his post

From honorable Razib Ahmed sir’s post. The 30 benefits of doing 30 comments daily in search English group : 1/ The fear and shyness has been removed absolutely within one month. 2/ The confidence increases more about. English.  3/ the typing speed got increase. 4/ the speed of English reading increases 5/ the understanding capability increases more …

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Slow & Steady Wins First

Assalamualaikum everyone . Hope you are all very well by the grace of almighty Allah. I have learned more & more tricks how to learn, speak, write in English from this group. That’s why why I want give thanks to all the admin of this group & finally want to a big thanks to the …

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Thanksful to Razib Ahmed sir for creating search English Group

Assalamualaikum everyone, I’m starting writing something with praying good wishes for all the members of the search English group. Wish you will reach your goal & prosper your life. Stay connected with search English group with us. I should must give a big thanks to our honourable Razib Ahmed sir. There are have so many …

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About the Fear

Assa-la-mu-alaikum dear group mates, hope you’re very pretty well by the grace of almighty Allah. I’m also fine. Hey guys, what do you think about “fear”? Do you know what is fear? …yeah Can you see the “fear”?…. Ummm. No.. Can you touch it ever? ..hmm!!.. No.. Never  Can you feel the “fear”?..yes.. almost.. The …

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Love your work

Dear group mates Assalamualaikum, How are you all? I hope you are very well by the grace of almighty Allah. I am feeling good now. “Love your work “. Make your work as your passion. It doesn’t matter what are doing now or what you will be in future . Really it doesn’t matter which type …

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Learning English

Sir, At first take my salam,Assalamualaikum, I’m Md.Shariful islam Sazzad,I’m a final yeae student of EEE BSMRSTU,Gopalganj.  I’m weak in english, mainly  word meaning problem which always facing. How can i develop this problem..? Could I please, help me to overcome this situation. No more today Sincerely yours Md.Shariful Islam sazzad

100days challenge

i m very grateful to razib sir, because , he give us a great platform for learning, now i m busy for my day journey, everyday i give my 6-7 hour for learning knowledge from here.