Mushfiqur Rahim: A Brave Captain

The whole spectators were so much excited and were waiting patiently to be a witness of Ashraful’s double century but he couldn’t make that happened.

Though they thought that they were unlucky but suddenly all the spectators became astonished that they had become the witness of a great success of Bangladesh National Cricket Team.

Mushfiqur Rahim, a former cricketer of Bangladesh National  Cricket Team made created the great success for the beloved team by doing a very good achievement for him as well. 

He made a double century with 320 runs on that match.

He collected 320 runs with 22 fours and 1 six in this basket.

Also,  Became the first one in Bangladesh Cricket Team having the largest runs collection among all the players who played test matches on that time.

Yes,I’m talking about Mushfiqur Rahim who was a former captain of our beloved Bangladesh National  Cricket Team and playing very well till now.

He was first Bangladeshi Test player who collected 320 with double centuries in a match.

That was a Galle Test match happened in Srilanka in March 2013 where Srilanka Cricket team made 570 runs and Bangladesh Cricket Team made 638 runs against them where Mushfiqur Rahim made 320 by his own with Naseer Hossein who is another former cricketer of Bangladesh Cricket team in the 4th day of that test  match.

Mushfiqur also made 152 runs  without being defeated on the 3rd day of that test cricket match, Ashraful was made a century that day and may be that’s why people were waiting for him. ( Asraful was a former cricketer at time with a very good performance but left the team when he was caught for match fixing) .

This was a very good for our flourishing cricket team and the whole country enjoyed this success a lot, Even our priminister acclaimed Mushfiqur Rahim and Bangladesh National Cricket and wished her greetings to the whole nation.

Today, I’m going to write something about this legend and real national hero.

There is a very interesting story about him that is he was so much crazy for cricket that he had missed his final Examination of Master’s degree on April 2012 in Jahangirnagar University under Department of History because he was in Cricket  tour  at Pakistan that time with Bangladesh National Cricket Team.

Anyway, He was postponed for that reason and after the game he sat for his Examination and passed.

He successfully completed his graduation and Post graduation from Jahangirnagar University in Dhaka.

Another interesting thing which I must write today is he was stayed in Mir Mosharraf Hossain Hall in the university where currently I’m living for more than one year and one of the most  beautiful resident for in my life. I have visited his room many times though he is not staying his room now.

When I was started writing, I thought that I’m just writing about one of my elder brother and was hopeful that my writing will be enjoyed by readers today than other times.

Mushfiqur Rahim was born in Dhaka on 9 May 1988. His father’s name is Mr. Mahbub Habib  and  Mother’s name is Mrs. Rahima Khatun.

From his childhood life, Mushfiqur used to play cricket a lot.

As his paternal address is in Bogra, ( Situated under Rajshahi devision in Bangladesh)  He passed his childhood life there.

He played a lot in the open field of that rural area.

He went to Bozra Zilla School for his secondary education.

I also write it before that, he was a former student of Department Of History under Jahangirnagar University and completed his graduation and post graduation degree there.

Almost time, we found him as a wicket keeper in the field as well as a very good batsman.

He is a Right-handed fast bowler and Right-handed batsman.

If we look back to his personal life we will found a interesting matter that is Mahmadullah Riad is his brother in law in wife.(Mahmadullah Riad is another former cricketer of Bangladesh Cricket Team)

His wife’s name is Jannatul Khifayet Mondi who is from Manikganj in Bangladesh and was his girlfriend .

They were married on 25 December 2014 by family arrangement. As I say it before that, Mondi and Mahmadullah’s wife are sisters.

Sometimes, we find the two family in frame before media.

Especially when their wifes come to see the cricket match.

His favorite color is green and fishing is hobby.

He doesn’t like to take alcohol or never smoked. He likes to spend his vacation in Australia.

He was a very good batsman from his earlier times. He was played as the youngest cricketer in lord’s ground situated in England  against England when he was only 16. Could you imagine it?

He was also learn t cricket and guided from BKSP in Dhaka, Shakib Al Hasan was also learnt cricket there.  ( BKSP is Bangladesh Krira Shikkha Protisthan). When his friends were thinking to be a cricketer as they were Under-19 cricketers, At that time he debuted on cricket at England tour.

He had played in 3 test matches and 18 one day matches Under-19 team with a successful result of carrying average  31 runs and 35 runs.

This successful result made him called by Bangladesh National cricket Team in 2005.

He was totally newbie there with the team as a youngest member of that time in the team and was posited to wicket keeper which was rolled by another legend Khaled Mashud pilot in the previous times.

There was much confusion about him that what he could have done as a very new player but he removed all that confusions about him on that 1st test match at 26 May 2005 by collecting 19 runs in lord’s ground  situated in England against England.

Though 19 was not historical enough for a newbie but at time Bangladesh team was about by 108 runs where he achieved the 3rd position in run.

But he was injured at that match and could play to other days.

From that time, he is playing with Bangladesh cricket team.

If we think about success wicket keepers of Bangladesh Cricket Team, then his name will come automatically after the name of Khaled Mashud Pilot.

Mushfiqur Rahim also lead the Bangladesh National Crick

He got his captaincy in 2006.

His first ODI was against Zimbabwe which had happened in August 6, 2006.

He always played with our cricket team without that time when he got injury.

The next stories are known to us. He collect his first century in match playing against Indian team. He had lead the Bangladesh Cricket team to Asia Cup final, He had lead the team to win West Indies series, Newzeland series.

Actually,  He knows very well how to do hard work.

He is graduated person from a very reputed University and he was also from a prosperous family in Bogra.

But, as he like cricket very much and love to do work, he is playing for the country by his full efforts.

Domestic leagues or International matches whatever we mention, we will find that he is playing very well by his tremendous batting quality and skillful wicket keeping knowledge.

He had played with many domestic league such as for Rajshahi Division, for Sylhet Division, forDuronto Rajshahi,  for Nagenahira Nagas, forSylhet Super Stars,  for Karachi Kings and recently played as a player ofBarisal Bulls in BPL 2016.

He had played ICC world cup 2017 with half century.

As a regular player of Bangladesh Cricket team,  He is playing all the one day matches, test matches, ODI series, TRI-series,  Country tour, World cup cricket for our beloved Bangladesh cricket team.

Recently, In March 2017, He touched the milestone as 100 wickets taker from Bangladesh Cricket team and he is first one from the team who achieved this success.

One of his coach was said once that Mushfiqur is such a versatile cricketer who is capable to do batting within 1 to 6.


Actually,  I’m unable to write enough because it could be finished if I start writing about his success stories.

There is a good lesson from his life is that we must do hard work.

Whatever we can be but it doesn’t matter, We just need to do hard work for ourselves, for our family, for our society and for our country.

Wishing Mushfiqur Rahim a very successful and prosperous life with his family with a very good performance for the country being with  Bangladesh Cricket Team.


Thank you readers for reading my writing patiently.

Don’t forget to inform me about your feedback.

Have a nice time.


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  2. Mushfiqur Rahim is one of my favorite Cricketer of Bangladesh. He is talented batsman and wicket keeper of Bangladesh Team. I have seen he make almost 50 run per innings in international cricket. I love you mushfiq and lots of pray for you.

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