Search English is in new dimension with two lakh people.

200k people SE has reached in new dimension:

Hi, congrats you, A member of SE you are also going to create a success story.Late night sleep do not let me get up early, But when I will congrats you, my mind remain unrest. But when I am ready to tell you something electricity betray with me. However I am with you, this is great something for me. Pray for me so that I would be with SE rest of my life.

200k people with SE and its speed of going ahead unimaginable. I never have seen like this group in any social media. Why did it happen? May you are dreaming that it is magically happened. But not like this. Razib Ahmed vaia sacrifices his everything of life to work for this. So, today you have got a decorated platform of learning English. Now you can get lots of fake group of learning English. However they take the step by coping Razib Ahmed. Welcome everyone in this premises. But you have to work hard and sacrifice for the people.  Razib Ahmed vaia is well experience man of teaching English. But we see some novice people who is trying to learn something from SE after a while he is taking the responsibility to teach people. It is dreadful also.Be sincere, be careful. But if you are honest, no one can harm you.Those are not my point today, as simple member of this group Just I think it should share with you.SE has reached in new dimension but what about you?

It has lots of possibility to be an inactive one. Because as a human we have some inherent weakness. We like to stay in comfort, we like to take break, we like to spend time with fun, we are unwilling to be diligent, and we never want to work hard. As part of human you never beyond of this. What is happened in SE.

At first,

what I have seen,you have started your journey and doing excellent. Sometimes you take it seriously, sometimes also you create pressure in yourself. Once upon a time you feel, I am adroit now. It is the high time to take rest. You want to sleep for few days. Then you take long sleep means when you wake up you have lost something. Now you are missing something. Oh! I was in good position! Why I did not keep my practice? It is not the time of being stopped.  You can also start from this stage. Because it will easy to continue for you. You have an experience of learning and writing English.


What I have seen, Silent member. They have dream to learn English. But they never start it. They thought they will start one day, But when it will come this desired day, they never know it. Writing comment will take time and have to think. How will get so much time for investing? So, they keep them safe zone. Only reading some post or know about the successful story of SE they dream I will do one day. Sometimes they write a post and disappear for long time. Sometimes they express their long sigh! If they would have enough time!! Though they never late to spend 2 hour in Facebook to read news feed, chat with friend, filtering with girl. But when it is come to the question about think in English and write comment. It is time consuming.

Why Am I telling you about it?

I am not insulting you my loving people. I was also in your team once upon a time. I would not write comment. I took it as useless work by name of learning English. I thought Learning English in Facebook or social media is not possible. I never got that any person behind strongly any learning group who has good background of teaching English. Who give time, who think for ordinary people, who have no wish of business with you, who spend his valuable time only to make you skilled in English, who have a wish to build an industry for the country by making you proficient.

But in SE everything is calling you to build you. Just it needs you give time and practice. Your honesty help you to go ahead. Never be want to be devil. If you respect your teacher that you are going to get respect from your student. If do not give proper respect your teacher that means you would never become a learner.

Respect your teacher, be honest! Be a good learner!


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