This line is borrowed from a friend but you can say that now our search English is something like that. Today I met with @Azmira apu and @Razib Ahmed vaia and the reason is already disclosed. I am working with Razib Ahmed vaia for the Research and Rima apu is also helping me as she is now my subject or success story!

One thing I realized when I was talking with rima apu and I was giving her this advice that “the faster you grow the harder you fall” never ever go for any shortcut path or never be a Fame seeker. It will just give you a mental satisfaction for some time but in the long run, you will lose the race of life.
I have never been a serious student of my life though my results were good but I never tried to be the best. I was happy with my condition and still, I am happy with myself. But at this stage of life, I have realized that being happy with yourself is not enough when you can make other people happy or you can be the reason of others happiness. I am great full to Allah, He gave me the chance to do something for others in my life.
Now you can ask me what I did or how I helped someone! Still, I did nothing but I tried to do something. I was a school teacher of a school and every day I tried to give my student something more than the book as I have learned it from my SIR. Books always need to be followed but sometimes we need to learn from our best teacher which is LIFE. I tried to make them aware of life and as a preacher of life, I love to spread love and respect for others. I have learned it from life that, if you do a good deed, no matter how small it is, it will pay you back in a good way. I always encouraged my student never hurt anyone, not even in a joke. It may be a joke to you but this simple joke can hurt someone seriously. The best part is my student never disappointed me for any reason rather they gave me unconditional love and respect which created a strong base within me. I miss their love their respect as I have left my job this year.
When I joined there as a school teacher my students were afraid of English and when I left my job I can proudly say their favorite subject was English! I must say they have a pure soul and a clean heart that’s why within one year they changed their way of learning and I helped them in the journey. it was hard to take a decision for me should I left my job or not. But when I realized this step can help many if I can improve myself for a greater reason. I quit my job and concentrated on my training and I am enjoying my life now with new lessons.
Apart from my past stories lets concentrate on the present situation. I am now a moderator of the e-CAB group, I am the Head of Research in Search English group, also I am having a training under e-CAB’s ”e-Commerce Entrepreneurship Training Program”  and this part is the best part of my life. In this training, I am learning not only about business but everything related to life and human psychology. In each and every class there are some lines that will make you puzzled and to rethink about you long cherished life lessons. All the teachers from Business Faculty are our regular teacher and we eagerly wait for their class every day.  I had a dream to be a student of Business Faculty in DU but I ended up with NU. But in this stage of life, my dream came true! All the teachers are so friendly and they are giving us foods for our MIND in every class.
I never realized that my life can be changed this way. You can say what is the BIG deal! These simple changes are the BIG deals to me. I always look for happiness in everything and I found it in everything every day…. Now the journey begins with a new hope with a new start and I am enjoying my life to the fullest as I have a dream to be a reason for others happiness I will start my journey again as a Teacher in future but now I am focusing on improving my skills, learning some unknown staffs. I am focusing on this group mainly. How this group is becoming the game changer.
”Game changer” is a phrase which means a step or an idea can create a significant change in the current situation and I strongly believe that this group is changing many life every day. I am an example of this changed situation. As I have completed B.A and M.A in English but I was afraid of public writing or public speaking. This group helped me a lot to change my situation. Razib vaia helped me from the beginning and encouraged me to write more but I gave up many times. He never forced me to stay or never gave me any tips to writing a post or any shortcut way rather he always encouraged me to write whenever I get any free time. I never saw any hope in me as I was hopeless :p but don’t know how Razib vaia found me from the crowd and now I am a proud student of him.
I never wanted to be famous or praised by others. I always loved to be me still I am me as the way I was. This life will give you many things and if you don’t respect this thing it can snatch away from you everything. I personally believe in this line and I try to follow it. I want to make myself skilled in English and I am working on it. For this reason, I am having a guideline from Razib Ahmed vaia and I am following his instructions. I do not want any short cut way of fame rather I want to give myself a name which will be known by many if I can do something for them.
This group is changing my life, what about yours?
Keep writing keep fighting because the life is yours.

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  1. Thanks apu u encodeed not only a beautiful but also aa coherent mindblowing article. I think first of all a persone should love thyself then have a strong belief & confidence on him /her.When she/he first sound respecting thyself, then she/he being able to watch dreams.His/ her thyself love,belief & confidence make him/her a hunter to success watched dreams.Then a indomitable appeal make u crazy to achieve the goal.However to be good to better achieve need a good to better preparation or again & againg mistakes & failure can be faced & that make a person dissatisfied & disappointed & there is abandonment may increase. However meritless hard labor never give u success or never help to reach ur goal or shine ur wished achievement.So now I can say that ur respectfullness & love thyself, ur belife, confidence,ur shining merits, ur honesty & sound righteousness, ur purity & fresh mind, anti greedinees of illegal wealth & fame, ur generosity, hard meritorious labor, eagerness to learning & personality & ur continuity,sound dedication & ciling with honest works soon embarrassed ur success naimed goal In-shaa-Allah. May almighty bless & grace u forever & fulfill all of ur honest dreams soon. U are doing well & ur thought, speaking, writing fascinate me.I always pray to almighty for ur best success in life not for only u but also lots of learners & helpless peoples.U are trying, must trying but never forget about soundness. Best of luck apu.Thanks

  2. Azmira Jahan Rima

    Really apu..proud of you that you are head of the search English group. By your hard working, group is smoothly improving. also Razib vaiya is dedicated to improve our group. His guidelines help us to be skilled in English. Thanks apu

  3. sultan Mahmud sobuj

    I am so inspired to read your post! What a great challenge take you are!
    It is depend ob your confidence, hard work & proper direction of Rajib sir.
    My life will be changed day by day.Before I wasn’t so serious to learn English but I wanted to learn english.
    After joined this group very soon I cope with my practise & try to my best level to learn in English.
    I can’t repay the debt of search English. Thank you very much dear Rajib sir for creating such a unique group.

  4. when i read this post first time i felt that It’s so big post, then i read it 2nd time that time i felt It’s ok but now when i read it third time I’m feeling so courage and when i got the last line i couldn’t understand. Thanks apu . Now I’m eagerly waiting for reading big post because i enjoyed to read.

  5. Thank you so much for your beautiful motivational post. Really it’s game changer and life changer group because this group helps people to make their life organize confidently and they think that they are worthy which they didn’t think before.

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