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Assalamu Alaikum / Adab group members. How are you all and how is your practice going on? I hope to have the best answer as there are many features added in our website. Now we have many sides to explore with learning English and enjoying it too. Your silent Admin is back again after a short tour with her family.

I love nature and every time I got a chance to visit any natural place I never say no. This time when my sister and brother-in-law made and an arrangement to visit Cox’s Bazar and Bandarban I was so excited about that tour but didn’t realized this is going to be my best one. My family along with other members of my brother-in-laws colleague’s family were with us. We visited many places in a short time and enjoyed them all. Today I want to share my experience and journey with you.

Our journey started at 8.00 P.M  from Mirpur, we have hired a tourist bus for 25 members to move easily everywhere. When you know everyone in the bus and your best bus journey just begins with happiness. We were in a rush to reach our destined place but it was a long way to be finished. Some of us stared playing some games and at the middle of the night we started playing “word game” everyone joined with us after some time. It was so interesting and enjoyable as when we were out of words we were picking some names or simple words like hand, ear or mouth :p

We took a break at Comilla Cantonment area to pick my elder brother and his family. We took our dinner at my Aunt’s Restaurant named “ Kakoli Restaurant” probably at 1 A.M. This time we were tired exhausted as it was a long way to Bandarban. I have never visited there so I was very excited but never imagined what was waiting for me there. We reached Bandarban hilly areas at 6 A.M and there surprise begins. We have to leave our bus beneath the hills and to reach our resort we need to ride in a special car called “CHADER GARI” . I have seen many pictures in facebook of this chader gari but the ride was some thing out our this world!

Chader Gari



When the car was going so fast in between the hills I felt so little in the universe. I was worshiping Allah and his creation in gratitude. How vast this place is and how beautiful they are! We were riding in hills and can see the clouds beneath. We stopped our car some places to taste some local foods and fruits surprisingly they tasted so good. Our journey ended at 8 A.M in a heavenly resort named “SAIRU RESORT” Our jaw dropped when we stepped into that place after such a long journey. We were standing on a top of hill and we can see clouds everywhere beneath us. Before describing the beauty and architect of this resort I need to share an interesting story behind this name.


This name SAIRU has a story or a myth. Our resort is named after the name of the hill. It was said that many years ago there was a beautiful young Mro maiden who was known as Sairu . She was the daughter of the king of a mountain tribe. She had fallen in love with a young man, who too was a son of the king of another tribe. In tribal rituals it is prohibited to marry from another tribe and it that case both tribes were locked in rivalry. Despite of all difficulties both of them continued to meet secretly in that hill. But one day their tribes got to know about their relationship and the young man was married off to a girl within their own tribe. Sairu with a heavy and broken heart became depressed and began wondering in those hills alone till one day she was seen no more. In the top of the hill there were two trees twisted and twined that place is called SAIRU POINT and also the symbol of love! The complex Sairu Hill Resort was named after that Mythical Love Story.

The Source of Eternal Love . Sairu Point ( twisted trees)

Apart from the story let us focus on the beauty of this resort. First thing that will blow anyone’s mind is the location. On a top of a hill they have made a piece of heaven! If you want to feel the peace and silence of nature this is the best place for you. The architect has a different taste I must admit it. Each and every place is decorated with natural elements with a touch of technology. All the rooms were placed in different parts of the hill. You have to climb wooden stairs of you can take their vehicles to reach your room. It is written in their website “It covers an area of approximately 12 acres and the resort structures are clustered and spread within a vertical height of 1000 feet to 1775 feet above sea level giving it a picturesque view. On a clear sunny day even the Bay of Bengal is visible on the horizon which is just about 40 km crow flight distance away.”

Hill side view from the restaurant

All the rooms and balcony were decorated nicely and the view from my balcony was beyond description. We were at seventh heaven while enjoying the view of the hill. In the dining area the whole room is covered with glass and there are open places too. We choose the hill side view and stayed their for  a long time took many pictures but I felt picture can’t do justice for the beauty of that place.



We took rest for sometimes and again started our ride in CHADER GARI to NILGIRI. It took 1 hour or more to reach NILGIRI hill resort. Nilgiri welcomed us with a sunny view and we were upset at that moment as the temperature is too high to enjoy the beauty. We were sitting on a top of Nilgiri enjoying the view of the clouds and wondering one place to another. There are many arrangements for tourists and we took all the facilities, we had a great time there. After two hours we left that place as the sun is sinning so brightly above us. We can see the clouds but we can’t touch them due to high temperature. But we enjoyed the view and the ride.

On the top of Nilgiri Hill surrounded by clouds

We reached our resort and took rest. We decided to stay at the resort that day as all of us were exhausted after such a hectic day. We enjoyed whole day the dining room and balcony. At night there was a big wonder waiting for us. After taking dinner when we step outside the dining room we can see nothing! As if there were Fog everywhere. We were surprised when we realized this fog is CLOUD!! We were standing in the midst of a cloud! Everyone was so excited as all of us were waiting for it for a long time. Our rooms were on the top of the hill and we have to walk there from dining room. While walking to our rooms we were floating with clouds! When we went to our rooms and opened the door of our balcony clouds took place in our rooms! We were surrounded by clouds everywhere. That was the best night of my life. I wanted to feel clouds all night but after 1 hour they were just went away and we went to sleep with a content heart.

View of night in the midst of clouds

I think I should stop writing now! This post need to be stopped here but I can’t help myself to write more. I will write again about other places I have visited in last 5 day and that’s all for today. Sorry to make you bored as I wrote after a long time. I have lost my flow some places. I hope to get it back with my next post.

Thank you everyone for your continuous support and love for this place.


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  1. Marvellous as wellas fantastic enjoyable writing. Yeah, the journey beyond the clouds is so memorable that long time a sound of happiness mantleded our mind. I am so happy that I travelled this places twice & 2nd time u, ur apu,elder brother & many of our family members enjoyment sound deep pleasure. Thanks

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