A story of a rickshaw puller father who wanted to be a good father

This post has been written by Asmot Ali:


I always wanted to be a good father’s in front of my beloved children’s who’re growing rapidly in my ewe family. My wife’s Maria & I always wanted to take care of our daughters & son’s who was so much youngest as well as pony in happy family. My wife’s & I was taking obsession care of them as if they can get the sound environment as well as proper nursing for going ahead rapidly without any kind of hesitation & prohibition in this moderns competitive era. We used to think a uncountable thing about our children’s that they’ll be appropriate human being when they’ll be enough mature. We were seeing our children’s as like our own soul’s in the earth’s. Day after day my children’s was being aged for forwarding quickly. During their building time I used to manage all of necessary daily expenses as like goods, foods, clothes, educational expenses, buy books as well as other essential credit money for fulfilling their all sort of demands on their life. Though I was so very much poor rickshaw puller, I couldn’t think about myself. At bottom I used to earn money by doing so much arduous diligence in the municipalities areas. It wasn’t so much tenacious for me because of my children’s happiness was amiable to me. Though I’d no any kind of opulent or wealth to build enormous infrastructure under this municipalities vicinity, I’d four children’s as a precious wealth in my life. To be an amicable father’s near to the beloved children’s not requires a lot of money or richness. To be a good father’s needs some qualities that I was trying to fulfill for my heartiest daughters & son’s. To be a good children’s essential keep some quality that all of features was present on my children’s characters. That’s why I was passing my sweet & comfortable life with my wife’s Maria & four children’s in the tiny castle. After some day latter my elder son been enough matured for sat at the admission test exam because he’d passed the HSC exam. His Matriculations exam was knocking at the door that’s why he had to set at competitive admission exam from different educational institutions for completing his higher graduation. For his magnificent fortune he’d gotten chance to take higher education from a reputed educational institutions. I was bearing his all of daily expense when he studied in the educational institutions. Sometimes it seemed to me that to manage the education money was very much complex for me because of my impoverishment. To ride rickshaw I couldn’t able to accumulate this money that’s why ever & anyone my wife’s Maria used to go to earn money from our short distant neighbor as a housemaid. Our target & dream was that our sons can be good human as well as better job holders for getting handsome salary. We thought that when they will be able to earn money that time we can debase our poverty. We thought that we were living with poverty. But our off-spring can be capable to lead a outstanding & comfortable life by their authentic education. We thought that when our children’s well be reputed or established human being in the society that time totally they can take care of us as like their parents had taken them. In the spur of time our all of embroidered dream had been ruined within very short time. When my children’s was enough established in the entertainment society that time they forgot that they were engaged with their resourcesless parents. At the bottom of my heart, I can say about them my wife’s & I’ll never forget them because they’re our children’s. Though we’re so much helpless without our child, we’re passing tough time both each others. Time has been changed, life has beed changed, era has been changed, environment has been changed but my profession have never been changed. My wife’s & I are so much happy with our fortune because we feel that our children’s will return when they can perceive the reality of genuine parents. I’m Akbor ali. Still now, I’m from Dhaka metropolitan areas.

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