About Hesitation and Mistake

To my dearest Brothers and Sisters

At frist take my Salam.How are you everyone?I am well by the Grace of Almighty ALLAh.After a long time i am writing in here.I am can’t wrote here only for my Laziness.Search English group is a big platform for learning english.If you follow some rules , must be You will success.Everyone should everyday read more and more post and do comments in various post.Much people are afraid for give post only hesitaion amd mistake.Search English gropu has a some rules,1st of all remove your shyness,hesitation If you don’t remove your shyness, you will nevver success.Much people are afraid do post in here for mistake…Much people think if his/her post are remains many more mistake so then peoples are laughing to him.No one get a success without any mistake.Without mistake no can learn anything.Every step man are doing mistake..

So brother and sisters don’t think your mistake,you are writing in here freely,No feel about hesitation,no one can insult you cause we are here only for learning.No one catch your mistake..For any mistake forgive me..When i write a post in here then i don’t feel hesitation,don’t think about mistake..

Therefore,i am not writing anymore for today.Please every one take care of your health.Everyone pray for me and i will be there as soon as possible..

Your Friend Sayam Joy

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3 thoughts on “About Hesitation and Mistake”

  1. You are absolutely right. We are making uncountable numbers of mistake everyday. So if we become intened to correct every mistake than it will not gonna be possible to move forward. We need to keep moving and trying more and more . Only by practcing you can reduce the mistakes.

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