About the Fear

Assa-la-mu-alaikum dear group mates, hope you’re very pretty well by the grace of almighty Allah. I’m also fine.
Hey guys, what do you think about “fear”?
Do you know what is fear? …yeah
Can you see the “fear”?…. Ummm. No..
Can you touch it ever? ..hmm!!.. No.. Never 
Can you feel the “fear”?..yes.. almost..
The Fear is such a thing that we can’t see, can’t touch, but yeah we can feel it.
The fear can create a furious moment for anyone in many ways.
Every different person had feel different scared. The definition of fear happened different by the different ways by the different person.
Who body feels it much then he/she got attacked by it very much.
The fear exist in our mind . If we carry it safely that the way it grows more than before.
Somebody scared about exams, somebody scared about their job, somebody scared for any person, good people scared about evil people for their evilness.
We shouldn’t keep it more in our mind. If we can remove it with root then we will come out from its thumbs.
One day we have to left from this beautiful earth. So why we don’t finish our duties today .
So don’t fear about fear. Be the winner without fearing the fear. The fear feared us by skipping our furious moment.
We have to give a good teach to the fear by strongly standing up face to face.
Otherwise we will be victim from the mischief of the fear.
Awake up today not tomorrow..
No more today… See you again soon..
Allah Hafiz

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3 thoughts on “About the Fear”

  1. sultan mahmud sobuj

    we can the fearness if you work hard regularly, also we can prevent the fearness by reading how to overcome their problems from the familiar persons.

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