Advantage of village life

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I know cool breeze has flown your mind to far away rainy forest, or with any classic melody, or close with sweet heart, or it make you homesick. But with confine in a brick bounded room to feel this scenery form heart in not so easy, only a long sigh! Can be your bad companion. Even though you can see the rain but do not feel its natural sound. What a robotic life! Today, I know also lots of people has already written about the rain or rainy day. But today my feeling is not so pleasurable about the drizzling. My mind is remain far away village which I had left ten years ago.







What do you feel about your enjoying the rain in village life?I have grown up a rural village. Oh! Those days are still alive to me. I have spent my golden days in my childhood and my boyhood. When at first I came this city means Dhaka city. I was in thrilling mood but within a little time my obsession has flown out. I feel the reality that this city is not comely as my village home. This domicile cannot be my everlasting home. Though I live here but my minds always stay at my origin. It does not mean I never like this capital city. But it is true I always prefer my village. But I have nothing to do. I miss, badly miss my village. Specially rainy day.









How did I spend my golden time? Why I am saying it as golden time you can guess. If you are from remote area, hope you will get it easily. However, I am not here only tell about my aspect. Today I am sharing with you about the amenities of rural life.

Amenities of rural life:


  1. If you are a nature lover as like me, so there is no substitute to live in a village.
  2. Are you feeling bore with living in hectic place you can bound to village. A cool pacific and assuaging environment calling you in remote area.
  3. People of village are so simple, they will receive you cordially.
  4. Every village is the symbol of natural beauty, leaving in a village means you are the closest of nature. 
  5. Oh! You are being mad day by day for sound pollution, water pollution, air pollution so hurry up, the tree, the river, the pure air is calling you to the village.
  6. Oh! For a long time you are confined in bricks room, your mind is in unrest to see the green field, sure an evergreen forest waiting for you. Certainly in a village.
  7. A vast sweet water, stream of crystal water, boat rowing, fishing, floating lily in the pond, diving or swimming in pond, cycling on countryside road. All of this inviting you to the village.
  8. May be you are very tired to wake up with disturbing sound pollution but in a village chirping bird waiting  for you.
  9. Are you missing the bright sun, lovely moon, cooling breeze, without village impossible.

You have long desire to drink green coconut, fresh litchi, juicy mango, juicy jackfruit, berry picking up from tree. But without village how is it possible?

  1. How long are you waiting to see the brighting sun, open sky, lovely moon and stars, your destination can be village.
  2. Do you want to live healthy life, take fresh vegetable? Village, village and village can be your right domicile.

















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2 thoughts on “Advantage of village life”

  1. Razib sir I have a problem with reading topics. When I read zero category then many word come unknown. Then I write unknown word in my notebook & learn. Moreover, what better to do? any valuable tips you said me sir?

  2. In a cool atmosphere, such a writing is enough to overflow our mind with the memories related with natures. This post has drawn my subconscious mind to the past when I spent some quality of time to the touch of nature, specially in villages. I can still remember when I could go to village after the completion of annual exam of each class with my parents, my joys knew no bound. I really miss all those days badly. Sometimes I thing to myself, if I could get back those days again in my life! But to the true, it’s not possible anymore. I live in Rangamati and in that sense I am quite lucky to be in touch of nature in many times. Whenever I can manage my time, I just go out for walk with the touch of nature. Sometimes I praise nature observing the awesome beauties of nature.

    Thanks for your awesome post. Best of luck

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