An Ordinary Tale from Bangladesh: Asmot Ali

This post has been written by Asmot Ali:

Life was been dynamic when i lived in my teenagers age.When i was growing up so rapidly with my family members as well as my locality friends. At that time i could able to access the entertainment of life.Teenagers age were unbelievable for all if us who were forwarding with a view to surrounding our vicinity areas under our locality.At button of teenagers age we were playing with each others for passing our obsesses time by taking taste of pleasure from some game.Ever & anyone we were catching fishes around on the bank of purnovoba river.

Occationally we were so much astute about our different kind of occasions under our own locality. When those sorts of occasion would start, we used to go to enjoy with most of villager people’s.Those type of occasions were so many jovial & entertainment for all of us.Do you know which kind of show were occurred in our locality?.Do you know about that kind of occasions?.Yeah,guys That was stage show, there would be shown some folk song, child’s performance, locality people’s dance, locality people’s fun & sometime some welfare private organisations used to arrange vigorous & gorgeous concert that was performed by different reputated singers who used to come from different locations under our country for showing their best talented in front of all our present audience. We were fours friends. Oue bond was so much strong than any other friends bond.We were all of late medieval people’s that’s why we’d no huge opulent. But we’d huge friendship among all of us.At that time we weren,t counting our time because we’d no much pressure of study. So,we couldn’t able to perceive the meaning of indeed life.We’d no indeed entity’s of pure education in our mind that’s why all of we couldn’t able to get any kind of government jobs.
Whatever, we’d no opportunity to receive proper education from reputation institutions under own vicinity areas.However we were setting under various industrial fields because of shortage of high fitness of education.At a draw we’d to work.We’d to earn money for own family members because we’d already engaged with our bridegroom.Now I’ve overcome mamy years with my task. When I’d passed my seventy fives years old with my temporary life, Then i could able to perceive the reality of life.Because I’ve already disconnected from my job for my aged age.Nobody want to aged people’s in their industry. For that reason I’m totally unemployment with my fortune. Present time I’ve no avail to join anywhere for working. Nobody choose aged people’s. I’ve already passed two years after losing my previous job.I’m suffering from mental tension because I’m to feed my family members. I’m tring ups & doing but none of industry even none of private organisations didn,t agree with me to give a essential job. In the spur of time i did join in a neighbor chomil industry for earning money. Now everyday I’m getting 150 taka from my workplace. At present i can feed my wife’s & children’s. I’m so happy. I’ve huge mind demands for going ahead with ardouse assiduous. I’ve no temper on my work. I’ve no boreness with my toil I love to diligence. By diligence I’ll replace my fortune inshallah. Allah give me handsome power for working that’s why I’m getting outstanding & uncountable happiness from my life.I believe,””” Industry is the key to success”””

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