Ator Ali: Struggle of an under privileged boy

This post has been written by Asmot Ali:
I’m Ator Ali, I’m from Sudden para slum on the bank of Purnnovoba river, a slum under sador municipality belongs to one number word at Dinajpur district. I’m poor & impecunious child from my family. My father’s name is Sohag Ali and my mom name is Abeya Bagom. I, along my three sisters are living in this slum with my beloved family. My father is a rickshaw pooler. Every day he goes to earn money from the city for all of us as if we can get sufficient food & others necessity. My mother is a housemaid. Sometime she also goes to get some food from our surrounding neighbor houses as a wage. At bottom our life was becoming so much happy with all of our family members. We were passing our happy time by doing better something. I was passing my time with my sweet sisters by playing & gossiping about our parents as well as other think. Allah was given to all of us a lot of happiness to live. All on a sudden we were hearing the gathering sound from our locality. After hearing we had gone there and seeing our father felt on the vendor. His all body was spread of vigorous blood. After seeing this moment my mother became unconscious for two hours. I couldn’t able to perceive this situations what should I have done about this circumstances? I couldn’t think what will I do? This situation was being so much tough to me how I will manage? Because my two sisters were crying loudly beside my father’s body. Though we all were so much little that’s why we couldn’t do anything for my father. I can remember lucidly about this incident that my vicinity neighbor was pulled up my father’s boby and they reached to the nearby government hospital for his treatment from doctors. Within very short time my father’s was remedy for this stagnation & unbearable situations to take the unusual & tremendous treatment from nurse as well as reputed doctor. After cure for this accident my father couldn’t able to ride rickshaw because he had lost his one leg that’s why from this time I had to take all of responsibility for my beloved family. After this event we were passing our miserable time .We had no food for eat, we had no money to buy something, we had no clothes to wear, we had no proper shelter, we had no roof to live. That’s why I had to be a salesman. During shortage time I was selling my clothes to go door to door and Still now I’m selling clothes under whole municipalities areas to go hear & there for earning money. For this reasons I couldn’t read from reputed institutions, I couldn’t able to be educated person in my life. In my age child’s go to school for taking education from respectable teachers but to my astonished, I couldn’t able to go school for my impoverish & shortage of food, money and others extreme problems. Now I’m twelve years old. After earnings money we’re passing our time so much smoothly. I’m so much happy with my family. I’ll never think about wealth because during my danger time this vendor clothes gave me so much uncountable support to go ahead and save my family that’s why I’m so much happy …

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4 thoughts on “Ator Ali: Struggle of an under privileged boy”

  1. Nurul Karim Simun

    i am thanking you for writing a noticeable story. your writing is so much high. i hope i will write one day. there are more family around of us like this story. we have to do something for their. if our rich family read this post i hope they will do something for this family. thank you very much for sharing this post.

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