Benefit of Search English in my life

Hello friends, First of all take my salam “ASSALAMU OLIKUM”. I think everything is going on right way and nowadays you are doing a great thing. Alhamdulillah By the grace of Almighty Allah I am also fine. After hole day office and just come back from office I am writing something about myself that I have got and getting from SE. I know every regular member of SE doing very well and they are improving their English skill. I am also like you because I am improving my English learning skill day by day. Nowadays I have little bit confident about my English skill. And using this skill I am doing well by the grace of almighty Allah.

Actually I am sort that I am not a regular writer in Search English facebook group that’s why may be I am familiar with you. But I am regular listener of Search English Audio Adda ( ). Now I am sharing my success and benefit of learning English in my personal and professional life. May be some of you know about me. But I am introducing myself again for other member. I am Suzon Khan and I am a web designer and developer. After read my identity may me you are thinking that why I am here? And some of you may be laughing. But all of you know why I am here. And What I am doing here. I am also a student and member of this group and I am learning English with you from you and others. Now I am going to my recent success story that I have got because of my English skill. I have said before that nowadays I have some confident about English that’s why I am doing well in my professional life. I mean because of my English skill now I can read my clients requirement and I can understand it. And after I am preparing proposal and other report by myself. But it was difficult to at before and I had to take help from other colleague. It is my great achievement in my professional life and I am doing well also in here in others activity because now I can understand every requirement, document and other information that is necessary for me. Within a sentence Search English is a Turning point of my career. So pray for me I want to be a good entrepreneur in near feature.


In my personal life I am a dreamer and I like to do something new and interesting thing. I have lot of plane that will make true stipe by stipe. But my only one offstage was lack of English skill and money. But after getting confident of English not I don’t have any worry about money because using this skill I mean English I will earn a lot of money in near feature. And I will start my work that I had planned before. May I am talking a lot about unnecessary thing which is not your matter or you are not interested about it. But I am fully dreamer and that’s why I was talking about my dream and plan. Will write details about    my dream and my upcoming work in near feature.


Now I am writing a summary of my learning process and how you have to do. You know that I am a jobholder that’s why I don’t have enough time in day. But I am little bit free in night.  That’s why I am practicing my desire skill in night at SE. Here I am listing and speaking with others. In the mean time I am also trying to read some post and try to write comment about your post. That’s my daily activity. If you have more time I think you will be more and more skilled then me. And I am praying for you.

As a regular member of SE may be you know about reading section of search English website. Now I am talking about it. is most attractive part of Search English. Because everybody love it and they are enjoining a lot. It is well distributed and categorized. It’s have ten different category and razib vai organized each post easier to harder. I mean zero category is easy to read and every should start his reading from here. Its last and harder category is ten, it is final. If you can understand and read the post of ten category it will be great for you. So we are waiting for you ever success in reading.




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  1. salman

    I am overwhelmed to see your writing. I know you are a regular participant of audio adda. With a exhausted body coming back your home you wait to join audio adda. Without a devoted mind it is impossible. Every day you listen lots of word. Hope, those are also come to useful in your writing. Your writing is the sign of your improvement. Go ahead.

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