Book is our best friend

This post has been written by Asmot Ali:

A book is an equal to an hundred friends but a real friend is an equal to a libery.This aphorisms is really awesome for all of the category people’s because of book ‘s can change the minds darkness & all sort of inertia, stagnation from humaun being.By using book most of the person could able to exced their enervateness from artificial life.Book is one category stores house in the universes because from various kind of book we can get different type of information as well as knowledge. Nobody couldn’t able to set-up their situations or positions in the society withoout reading book.By using book we can get different incident data from different circumstances that’ve happened long time ago.How have occurred the various kingdom & world’s attractive news?. How have taken place the enormous movement & assemble sessions from different country, from different surrounding areas?. Those kind of brainchilds we can get from our book that have writen by our different authers. Book is one kind of knowledge orb where everybody gets all of information within very short time.If we want to be educated we need to allot our time to read books.Book can ornament your life preciously.To read book needs some patience & ardent, nothing else.If you want to be good writer, you must need to read book as well as earnings knowledge from the textbooks. That’s why book is so much essential for all of generous & amiable guys under Allah earth’s.This is Anu. Book is her wealth in her ewe life.Without book he can,t continue her daily nessecity. She loves her book so much. She is so much addicted with her book at this age. All of the guys should pray for her as if Anu can learn or attain huge knowledge from her dreariest book in his classes.She is pony but her demands on is so much extends. She is so much happy with his book. Book is the lover persons in the whole world’s for good..Anu…

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