20th Day Progress

Bhola, Daulatkhan Dear group-mates, How are you? Hope all you are well . Today i m little bit fine, Because, my grandfather fall in danger. Yesterday night to now he is felt so much dysentery. His all body became a cold. Please pray for him, as Allah give him remedy very soon. Whatever, Few minutes …

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Need some suggestions

At first take my salam. Hope you are well by the grace almighty of Allah. Few minutes ago , i finished my 17th day challenge in the first link. It’s take only 2 hours. But first time its get 3 hours Even more. Day by day my reading , guess power growing up. Thanks for …

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Some Instructions of Reading

Assalamu Alaikum. What’s up, friend Bonaf? Hope you are well by the Marcy of Almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah, I am well. I know that you accept a new mission called 100 days challenges. And for this, you try to best to complete your daily task every day. It increases your reading habit Ok, Now I cite …

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To Baba

Dear Baba,   Baba How are you ? I know you are not well for some problems. Baba i want to share your pains, i want to support you as like a boy. It’s my childhood dream. When i was little and i try to help you for your work or you always tell me …

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My 13th Day Challenge

Today i M so much happy, are you know? why, i m happy, Yes i said about the things, Nowadays i m see my own progress in 100 days journey. First time it WAS totally tough things for me.. But i kept calm, nowadays i m give my full time in the morning session for …

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Reading is My Strength

At this time I m totally free,,because few months ago I m completed my graduation from nu.. I got a good c.g.p a 3.41..good result is good but not enough for the job.. I gave in exam in the onnorokom group. That’s time I m answered every question in English.. I m enjoyed so much …

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Thanks giving

Dear papiya, At first take my heartiest love.i hope you are well by the grace of omnipotent allah.i am also well alhamdulillah! Now come to point.it has not been  so long we know each other.maybe you forget this incident when i first time notice you but i remember this day.i see you for first time …

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Summary of Zero category

Assalamu Alaikum. What’s up, pals? Hope all are well by the mercy of Almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah, I am also fine. What are you doing now friends? Did you know about the 100 days search English journey? Today is day four. Sir gave us a link for completing reading. Today’s task is reading zero category posts …

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Opportunities in Bangladesh

Assalamu Alaikum. What’s up, peeps? Hope all are well. It is my first letter to submit this group. Ok, friends; today I want to describe an important topic about our country lovely Bangladesh. We all love our country very much. It is a place of divine nature, greenly and well temperament. It is a land …

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Don’t care any bad comment

Maybe today you seeing some people trying to criticize you for your weakness of English language. And some people giving hahaha react in your post, it’s reality. But one you will see that, kind of those people they are want to help from you. Are you believe it?? When you reached in the midway in …

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Razib sir’s advices from his post

From honorable Razib Ahmed sir’s post. The 30 benefits of doing 30 comments daily in search English group : 1/ The fear and shyness has been removed absolutely within one month. 2/ The confidence increases more about. English.  3/ the typing speed got increase. 4/ the speed of English reading increases 5/ the understanding capability increases more …

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Slow & Steady Wins First

Assalamualaikum everyone . Hope you are all very well by the grace of almighty Allah. I have learned more & more tricks how to learn, speak, write in English from this group. That’s why why I want give thanks to all the admin of this group & finally want to a big thanks to the …

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Thanksful to Razib Ahmed sir for creating search English Group

Assalamualaikum everyone, I’m starting writing something with praying good wishes for all the members of the search English group. Wish you will reach your goal & prosper your life. Stay connected with search English group with us. I should must give a big thanks to our honourable Razib Ahmed sir. There are have so many …

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About the Fear

Assa-la-mu-alaikum dear group mates, hope you’re very pretty well by the grace of almighty Allah. I’m also fine. Hey guys, what do you think about “fear”? Do you know what is fear? …yeah Can you see the “fear”?…. Ummm. No.. Can you touch it ever? ..hmm!!.. No.. Never  Can you feel the “fear”?..yes.. almost.. The …

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Love your work

Dear group mates Assalamualaikum, How are you all? I hope you are very well by the grace of almighty Allah. I am feeling good now. “Love your work “. Make your work as your passion. It doesn’t matter what are doing now or what you will be in future . Really it doesn’t matter which type …

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Learning English

Sir, At first take my salam,Assalamualaikum, I’m Md.Shariful islam Sazzad,I’m a final yeae student of EEE dept.in BSMRSTU,Gopalganj.  I’m weak in english, mainly  word meaning problem which always facing. How can i develop this problem..? Could I please, help me to overcome this situation. No more today Sincerely yours Md.Shariful Islam sazzad

100days challenge

i m very grateful to razib sir, because , he give us a great platform for learning, now i m busy for my day journey, everyday i give my 6-7 hour for learning knowledge from here.

Prayer for giving some suggession

Assalamualaikum…Please give me some suggestion..For many days,I’m trying hard to develop my reading skill in English..For last 1 year, I read the Daily Star News paper..For this my reading skill has improved and my vocabulary has enriched..Unfortunately,I pronounce many words wrong..Now I think it’s very hard to correct pronounce of all these word alone…What can …

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How to improve in English

I want to that how to talk in english without any kinds of problem. especially I want to know how to improve in vocabulary. Because it’s very essential for talking in English.so, if u tell me in details i would be happiered.

this 1st time that i want check

  One of my relatives  said   most often this story. When he was serve in a bank .One of colleague always speak in English .Lots of error ,the pronunciation is inaudible .Everybody laughs with it .But he has no attention to that .He continuously speaking ,don’t care to other insult .Then he transferred to another …

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Would like to improve my skill to start a journey based on English Language skill

Dear Sir, I would like to participate in the workshop (I have applied) to improve my English Skill thus I could start a new journey with the help of Search English. I achieve my Hon’s in English literature in 2007 and last 10 years i have been working in different fields. I believe the workshop will …

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Writing is my Passion

Dear mates, Hope all are well by the grace of Almighty Allah. I am also great by the Almighty. Now i want to say about my writing passion. Once i didn’t like to write and even i didn’t write whatever i want or think.But by search English, i can write everything whatever i want.When i …

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Thanking Razib vai for add me successful story

08/05/2017 Dohar,dhaka Dear Razib vai, At first take my cordial  wishes. I am so happy that I can’t express you.The date of 8/5/2017 is my most memorable day, because  you added me your new category  successful story. Before joining  I don’t know  about  SEG.Gradually I understand  about this groups contribution. I practice here for improving …

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My friend

Dear Friend, How are you? Actually I know the answer because I talk/chat with you regularly! I’m lettering to you in spite of having frequent contact with you. It’s about 7.5 months, you left Bangladesh for your higher study. Still I feel tremendous lack of your presence. Don’t know why this trauma taking more time …

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Dear mind, Do you know.How Are you?You always try to know about your capricious mind.why you are so confuse ???I know the reason.Because of lots of problematic method just hang over your head.That’s why you feel so confuse.Many known person give you so many advice.But that time your mind tell that easy to give advice …

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Dear mind, Do you know.How Are you?You always try to know about your capricious mind.why you are so confuse ???I know the reason.Because of lots of problematic method just hang over your head.That’s why you feel so confuse.Many known person give you so many advice.But that time your mind tell that easy to give advice …

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Dear, Mother

Date: 04/05/2017 Dear, Mother How are you? Hope you are well? I am also well. Please don’t worry Me. How about my father? Today it’s my first letter. I write a letter only for you. I miss you Ammu. I want to see you. But I have no money in my pocket. So I didn’t …

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Prayer to God

  My Creator, This is not my prayer, that you save me in my danger, rather my appeal from you please give me the patients, strength, through which I can overcome all bad situation. This is not my expectations, that you give me wealth a lot, rather my crave from you, keep me always in …

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To my cousin,giving some practical hints on how to improve his proficiency in english.

3 May 2017,                               Farmgate,Dhaka. Dear Sharif, Take my cordial love,hope you are quite well by the grace of Allah.I have heard that you are learning english.your last phn call you want to get some practical hints for me,bt becouse of …

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Silence night

Dearest, Noiseless night, there are no response,no any sound,only calling some night birds. Those are bad birds calling sounds. I can’t sleep at this night I only write to you, Although,  I have no permission write to you.therefore I writting to you. How are you? Perhaps no bad? And I …! I passing my every …

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How are you ? Now i am feeling sad. I don’t know why i am feeling sad . I have no any friend. So i have made book to become friend. I read many books. Another friend is Search English . Before joining SE group I did not read books happily. When i joined SE …

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writing a letter to my pen friend about beautiful Bangladesh.

Dear jeson, At first take my cordial  love. How are you? Hopefully  you are fine. I am also fine. In your last letter you wrote about your country and wanted to know about my country. Now I am writing  about my country. Bangladesh  is a full of natural  beauty.  In every part of this country specially  in village site you can see the beauty  of green. There are many attractive natural  beautiful  place also.  You must listened  about cox’s  bazer sea beach which is the longest in the world. and also the beauty of Rangamati and banderbane you will pleased  to see the beauty  of those place. There are so many hills and those are attached  with many green trees.  and also in our country there our the biggest  mangrove  forest in the world which is sunderbone. It’s  form with a lots of trees and  different  animals. There  is also royal Bangol tigers which is the most attractive  to see in the world. we have another beautiful  city which is sylhet. This city …

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Application for publishing the proceeding of being a listener on Search English

Dear Razib sir, I would like to draw your kind attention that I am an active member of Search English group as well as Search English website. I have been trying to know how to get connected to listening program conducted by the seniors of the group since last Friday. I am in need of …

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To my younger brother, how to adjust to the new place(mess).

Dear Sharif, Receive my cordial love.Hope you are well.Your last phone call left me hopeless for your some problems… Actually, Now you are stay in mess In Dhaka.Dhaka is wonderful  city though busy city…. I think,You are lucky becouse you can get all things near to in your hand.Last conversation you said me that,you couldn’t …

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Miss You Ammu

Dear Ammu,   Hope that you are well by the grace of Allah. I’m also fine. Ammu, I’ve heard from Shozol that nowadays you are not passing good days.  Your health is not under yourfavorr. Ammu, I know you won’t stop your hard work. Look that,You are not strong and energetic like your previous time. …

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My Mother

My mother name is khursida begum.my mother likes to my friend. She is  very very good for our family . She is very hard working. I love my mother a lot.

Dear Mother

How are you?Hope you are well.im fine ma.after a long time latter i write a latter for you.you know ma many days i cant see you only for my study.this month i finished my 4th year final.But now i busy for BCS study.i wish one day i fullfil your derm.please pray for me.i always miss …

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write a letter of your pen friend about “Role of women in society of your country.

01 may 2017 Mirpur-2 Dhaka   Dear Raj Assalamualaikum,How are you?I hope that you are fine  by grace of almighty Allah.You wanted to know that “Role of women in society of our country. I am trying to write something about the topic. Today women are playing important role in all the spheres of life.They are no longer confined within the four walls of their parents and their husband’s house.The have come out of the kitchen and are working hand in hand with men in all the development programmes of the government. By receiving higher education they are becoming pilots,doctors,teachers, bankers, etc.They have been able to prove their worth.The not only do household work but also work outside of their houses.They are contributiing much too the economy of our country Now it has come to the realization of men that true development of the country is never possible keeping half of the population idle at home.So its needs no telling that women are playing a great role in the socio-economic condition of our country. No more today.my next letter I will tale you about the largest dale forest of Sundorebon.

any thing

I am fakrul alam munna ..my fb id is name Munna khan .i am very eagerly to learn english .and my interest i will be  a good speaker.so  i think my  first task i have to write

Thanks Razib sir

My Dear Sir, At first take you my salam. How are you? Hope you are well by the grace of amlighty Allah. I’m not fine. Because my teeth is very pain. It’s my first letter writing in this group. Thank you very much for your writing session opinion in this group. SE group is a …

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Personal letter

Today is holiday. All the day is most enjoyable day.no office no work. Thinking how i can properly utilities this day. I want to visit my relative house.

Letter writing will give us more confident to communicates with others.

Dear members, How are you? hopefully  you all are fine by grace of Almighty.  you all are already informed that search English is introduce it’s  new section  of writing  Letter. I am so much grateful  to razib ahmed vaia and also khayer vai and mohan vai. We all  are written  so many latter in our examination  or other purposes.  But for the first time we have been …

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Giving Thanks To Rajib Sir

Dear Sir, Assalamualaikumand Good Morning .Take my cordial love also.Hope u r well by the grace of Almighty. I’m fine too.Sir u don’t know me.I know u have many well-wishers. I’m one of them.I want to introduce myself briefly.I’m Nuri from Bogra.I’m a student of Honours final year at English department. Let’s come to the …

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Don’t angry with me

My dear ma, you take my salam,as salamuayikum ma.How are you.I am not so fine because my eye pain. But don’t worry about me.I go to doctor.. Ma recently I join a lovely group, it’s name search english.Very nice group. The persistent of this group is Razib Ahmed. He is very active, honest, amicable, intelligent, …

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10 Months of Search English

Dear All, Today, I am happy that Search English is now 10 months old. We are writing regularly here. I am happy for it. Now, we are slowly coming to our website. Letter writing is just a simple way to have more reading materials here. We are also practicing writing. After that, we will practice …

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Ma How are you? What are you doing now? I’m not well. I’m missing you! I don’t know why I’m not okay. But believe me, I’m missing you a lotttttt !

My ambition

I am taslima.my home district is jessore.it is my first letter,bcoz I am new commer.I have some ambition.but not fill up all ambition .I thought all ambition may be fill up.I am failour person.I can not mention my ambition.plz forgive me.

All you need is Consistency

I always say that English is not that type of hard thing. Specially the writing part. If you dedicatedly practice for just 3 months, you will improve both in reading and writing. You will get good speed which is extremely important. Writing consistently will help you to become a better writer. It is a great …

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Sample Complain letter, always be formal in your expressions.

Dear Sir/Madam, I feel the need to bring to your attention an issue I have with the manner in which you stage your products. Allow me to elaborate. Last week, while shopping at your west end location, I noticed that your center was playing an extremely graphic movie to demonstrate the visual capabilities of a new …

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About Hesitation and Mistake

To my dearest Brothers and Sisters At frist take my Salam.How are you everyone?I am well by the Grace of Almighty ALLAh.After a long time i am writing in here.I am can’t wrote here only for my Laziness.Search English group is a big platform for learning english.If you follow some rules , must be You …

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Miss u

Dear How r u?What r u doing now?U know I’m waiting for u.So don’t sleep without reply me pls. It’s enough for today. >NURI<

My Mother

How are you, my mother. I am well. Are you ok? I am learning English newly from SE group. Search English Group is the best platform for learning English. You always think about me. You do not worry . Oneday i will success in my life. I will fulfill your dreams. You always want that …

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letter to my parents

To my dearest father and mother first of all take my salam and doaa.I am hopefull that you are both in a good health. after a long days I am writing a letter to you. I am fine and leading a good healthy life here.I have been continuing my study as you expect from me. …

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# My Higher Studies

Assalamu alikum to all. After completed my Bachelor i have decided to go abroad to complete my further degree which is MBA. Then i choose International Islamic University, Malaysia for my degree. Then took preparation and finished my visa processing then i came here on 27th May, 2016. The atmosphere of the university is very …

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To My Child

My baby, I’m writing my very first letter to you. I supposed to write letters to you regularly but I couldn’t. Once I thought, I will open a new email address for you then will write  in a regular basis. I didn’t as I feel languid to open a new email! Don’t worry baby, hope …

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How can I speak English Fluently?

Dear Sir, Take my Salam,Hope You are good helth.I,m very sorrow that I can’t speak English Fluently. I want to speak English fluently But how to possible? If you Advice me I hope I will be able to success speak English fluently. With best regard to you & your family.

Search English

Search English is that platform where everyone can practice here freely.I am also a learner of Search English.Undoubtedly search english is the best platform for practicing.I want to be fluenter in English.It’s my dream.Thanks Razib sir for create search English.

Lovely Group Members

Dear Search English member, Take my salam & love with this gorgeous moment. Now i am fully happy to be a member of this big platform. One request to all of you.Please, give time and try your best.One day success will knock at your door.Stay with search English and practice more and more.In shaa Allah, …

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Dear Rans, I am well by the grace of almighty Allah I hope you also well. take my salam your parents. now I want to write something about improten of learning English. we all known that English is our second language and it’s also international language. at present without knowing English we can’t run our …

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visit friend home

My dear sunny, Thank you a lot for having at your house.I enjoyed my winter vaction verymuch at the countryside there.I really liked your parents & their kidness to me ,  that made me fell at home. I loved your mother cooking and, I enjoyed so much your father’s jokes. I also enjoyed fishing in …

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I Don’t know English.But I will Try To tell.

Harmful Internet: Internet Is An Most Important Fact In Now Adays Human society.But Many Good Side and Mane Bad side Using Internet.An Students Not Search Her Important question.He Lost time Etc.And wast More time every day Using Extra Time Internet. জানি না কার কেমন লাগছে,স্যার আমি তেমন পারি না,তবে নিজ থেকে এতটুকু চেষ্টা করলাম।

Help to learn English

Dear Razib Sir, At first take my Salam. Hope you are fine by the grace of Almighty Allah. I just want to thank you. I want to say that Search English is one of the best platform to practice Enlish. It is a Vejal Free group. We can write English in this group without any …

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when memory make me cry

loving ma, I know even believe u r well.u were a good woman by the every side.u were the best ma in the world.u sacrificed ur whole life for us.we even didn’t back anything in return.we losted our father very early but u made us never miss him.what kind of love a father loves to …

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