Best Group In BD

Dear Razib Ahmed, At first take my salam.Now I would like to thanks for your remarkable success and also for creating such a nice platform to all.Probably once you had faith in and hopes for teaching English in all over the country. As a result you created this platform for among the general people that’s …

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My mother

Dear Maa, Take my holy salam which may give you peace of mind.sometimes I never be able to give you peace.You always pamper me like an angel.But I never tell you that you are my angel not me.In my every step you support me.you always try to shine my life.I wanna give you thanks when …

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I am Excited

Dear SE Members, I am excited as Abul Khayer vai and Mohan vai have really done a outstanding job for you. Now, we can write many letters every day. So, let us try our best.   Regards, Razib Ahmed

Dear Search English Members

This is my first letter to you. I hope that you are fine. We have done a magical thing as now many people are writing in the group. I could not imagine it even just one year ago. We will keep on writing and keep on fighting. Regards, Razib Ahmed