Conversant Birds of Bangladesh

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Now a days I come regularly with natural topics. In sooth to say, I like nature very much. Today, I was thinking what I can write for you, whenever I wish to write something my mind lead on me to the village, to my origin. On the way suddenly I remember, One day I was taking bathe in the pond. I was diving, jumping and swimming. I crossed and reached another bank of the pond by swimming. I was here for picking up a lemon.

There was lemon tree spreading its branches on the water. When I just tried to pick up the lemon a small baby birds started to chirping and crying. I was surprised to see its beauty. I never had seen it before. I did not know its name. Two little baby bird was there. I was waiting for their parents but did not get. I was a regular visitor of them but I hided them from people and never disclose it to the naughty boys. After some days I got them disappear. Their color was golden with white mixture.

I have seen my cousin to foster Mynah, Pigeon and parrot. So, I thought to write about another beautiful creature of the Almighty, Birds!


Bangladesh is queen of natural beauty, It has a moderate weather, has many forests, lakes, rivers, trees, hills. So, it is a good domicile of different kinds of birds. Birds enhances the beauty of Bangladesh. We wake up hearing the sweet song of bird and go to bed also. If your origin would be a village hope, you are the witness of this daily occurred. I am sharing about most common birds of Bangladesh.


Magpie Robin:

May be you all have read about this at least memorize for your exam. Am I right? Magpie is our national bird. Actually which kinds of magpie are familiar in our country and Indian subcontinent is called oriental magpie-robin. To see it is a small bird well known for its songs. Have you noticed? Whenever I saw a magpie it is shaking its tail, even I never stare on its tail for a while. Always is over on jumping. It can sing on different symphony. It is common bird in our forest, rural area and near to watery places. It is 19 centimeters long in size with long tail. Magpie robins breed usually from March to July. They are very distinctive for their color such as male have black heads, wings and tail with white underparts. Though females are same in color but their underparts is grayer than males. They build their nests in the bush and shrubs. They like to stay in gentle natured. You will be fascinated seeing their taking food. When leaf dropping or insects falling they jump with the wind and take within a moment. Sometimes play with insects though it will be a good digest after a while.



It was a very common bird in few years ago. But for our fostering intention and confined it is going to rare now. They can copy the vocal of people. When it is the time of paddy sowing on the rainy season I had seen naughty boys searching Mayna from the flock of Shalik. Because Mayna is almost same like shalik. And it has huge possibility to find a maynah in the flock of Shalik.But they are not as available as like shalik. . Very gregarious bird it will take a little time to talk with you.

It is very identical for its brown body, black hooded head and the bare yellow patch behind the eye. In size its body is 23 centimeter. Mayna stay and live with pair. They build their nest in tree hole. But people try to confine them in cage. Insects, arachnids, reptiles, small mammals, seeds, grain, fruits are their common foods.



 Pigeon is a very common bird of Bangladesh. It has aesthetic diversity in their colorful feather, body shape, ornamentation, flying style, breeding specialty etc. Very beautiful pigeons are fantail, western crowned pigeon, pouter, frillback, Jecobin, trumpeter and swallow. But in our country the common specie are Lokkha, Shiraji, Koka ,Loton, Jacobin, golla, jalali, Bomby, Krisso. Our people used keeping pigeon. It is ancient tradition to foster pigeon in our country. From the remote area to High apartment you can see the fostering of pigeon. Especially rural people foster them for livelihood, but the urban people most of the time rearing them for their hobby or to eat meat and egg. Pigeon has a good relation from the beginning of human civilization. When the communication was so tough that time kings sent them for exchanging their letter and necessary information. They used pigeon for their detective activities. The meat of pigeon is so delicious. I am fond of this. You?



A small bird who lives near you, may be your windows edge and closest tree. This bird is an intimate friend from very earlier of human. If you stay in village or remote area it is very available to see. Even in the urban area and metropolitan city you can find in the roof, on the pavement side, small tree of roof. Usually they are small, plump, brown grey with short tails. House sparrow normally build their nest in the eaves or walls of building, street light in lieu of natural nest as like as trees hole.  Their common food is seeds and grains. House sparrow eat birdseed including millet, milo and sunflower seeds, and insects. They catch insects diving in the air, by following light at twilight, or following lawnmowers.



Crow is very common bird in Bangladesh. If you are an inhabitants of Dhaka city certainly you meet with them in the road side dustbin or tree of park. Though we do not like crow for its ugly appearance and rude voice but it is an intimate friend of us. Why? Crows common food is dirty things and dead animal. They make our environment neat and clean by eating those. But sometimes they steal our food from kitchen. To see it is very black and ugly. Its nail is very sharp, small head and bright eyes. Really sometimes their screaming is so disturbing for people, as their nest normally stay near to the people.


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