Dear friend, hope you are well.

Dear friend,
I won’t ask you, how are you because I know the answer. Moreover, I suppose not to getting any reply of my question.

However, I supposed to write a letter to you just one week ago. That time I was missing you badly. Indubitably, there was a solid reason for missing you. Last Saturday I joined workshop by Search English. You know I always prefer to go such learning place with you. You was my best company ever. This time I had to go alone and I  missed you. Although after reaching there I felt comfort as there was a friendly environment and I had not to face any difficulty to cope up. But when everyone left the place and I was standing alone for a long time to get a vehicle, I felt wish you were here. At least I could talk with someone in that insipid period of time.

Do you know what interesting thing happened there? When participants were introducing themselves, one of the famous participant started talking about himself. And he was talking exactly like your accent! I’m bit surprised. I know it’s a normal incident but I felt different because accent was same to you. Usually I neither recognize any other accent properly nor can copy any accent like others. But your accent is known to me. How many times I pinched you for your accent, how many times I laugh at you, how many times tried to correct it. Albeit you were stubborn!! None of us were serious regarding those matter though. It was just a fun. Still I laugh alone when I remember those funny memories.

Time and tide wait for none and proving that out of sight out of mind. We are busy with our own life. It’s so called life.

I know you are not going to read this letter like previous one. Best wishes for your exam.

A link of my favorite song is given below. Hope you will like it  to listen in your leisure time.

May Allah bless you always.

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  1. sultan Mahmud sobuj

    yes,dear just I’ve read your thing is very important that is practise.Obviously time and time wait for none & the end of the day who try to ptactise regularly he wil get his destination very soon.

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