Dear honourable sir

  • We know that the search English group is a unique creation of your for practicing English. It is a not only ordinary group but also it can remove our all hesitations. We can also develop our reading section by reading various posts. It helps to improve our English writing sector by minimum 30 comments to different posts on daily basis. Our English talking influence is increasing day by day by uploading own video. On the other hand there are make many successful stories like Anu apu,khaer vai,kamrul vai etcetera with motivating of Razib Ahmed sir.
  • Thanks sir.
  • No more today
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6 thoughts on “Dear honourable sir”

  1. Sultan Mahmud sobuj

    Yes,this a unique grop,this group has already proved that if one to want to improve in English, he can get it.So practise & pracrise should be needed.Otherwise it is impossible

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