Dear, Mother

Date: 04/05/2017

Dear, Mother

How are you? Hope you are well? I am also well. Please don’t worry Me. How about my father? Today it’s my first letter. I write a letter only for you. I miss you Ammu. I want to see you. But I have no money in my pocket. So I didn’t go home. I am jobless. So I have no money. Ammu doesn’t worry. One day I will get a good job. Then I won’t face this problem. So Ammu you pray for me. I know that you always do it and also my father. My father loves me very much and also you. I always love my parents. But I always fear my father.

I don’t know why I fear my father? So I can’t share everything with my father. I always share with my mother. Ammu please give me some money. I will buy a phone. I know that you always agree with me. You always apprised me.


Thank you Ammu. No more today. May Allah help my parents. Please pray for me.


Loving son Tariqul


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