Dear Search English Members

This is my first letter to you. I hope that you are fine. We have done a magical thing as now many people are writing in the group. I could not imagine it even just one year ago.

We will keep on writing and keep on fighting.


Razib Ahmed

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10 thoughts on “Dear Search English Members”

  1. Dear Sir,
    This is my first letter to you. I hope that you are well so much. But I am not well. Cause, You created magical , wonderful and awesome facebook group it’s name is Search English facebook group . It’s aim is to impeove english by comment facebook. but some culprit and un-ruler member caught our commenting wrong.
    This why I got so much pain. It’s boring for me.
    I hope you realized that matter . And I can hope you take proper actions.
    Your regards
    Abdur Rahman
    Search English group member.
    (I am trying to write .. a letter.)

  2. It’s a amazing group. It makes a person patient, focusable, and a attentive learner. Everyone can be benefited from zero to hero from this group. But I am quite impossible to make time for this group. However, I always try to overlook on the group when is possible to me.

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