Do you have any dream ? -Translation from the Writings of Razib sir : 1

DO you have any dream ? Then try your best over 100 days and night . I strongly believe , you can able to touch almost your dream . You can learn many things , that will turn into experience . Maybe you will be failed , then try again next year .

If you don’t try for your cherished dream , then you may not satisfy yourself in later . You will feel sorrow for not trying for that .

Maybe , you will not be succeeded in every sphere . So , keep stick and try your best . I tell this speech again and again . Because , it is truth . Failure interrupts on your good will . People will laugh at you , fun with you . Even Such people will laugh at you who does not deserve shaking off the dust of your feet . They are only expert in poking others .

So, don’t be concentrated on others . Rather , try to give best attempt for your wish to happen .

Translation from the writings of Razib Sir : DO you have dream ?

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  1. At first take my salam, cordial love and warm welcome. I have also a dream. I want to be a fluent English speaker. when day I join your search English group form those days I see this dream.

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