Don’t angry with me

My dear ma,

you take my salam,as salamuayikum ma.How are you.I am not so fine because my eye pain. But don’t worry about me.I go to doctor.. Ma recently I join a lovely group, it’s name search english.Very nice group. The persistent of this group is Razib Ahmed. He is very active, honest, amicable, intelligent, hardworking person,His dream how we learn English.. Always he give us inspiration us to cling with this group. But ma I can’t cling always for my others work. If I don’t use properly this platform, I never improve English.. You become happy to hear this news that, this group don’t take any money, moreover all time open.I mean when I get time I can practice here.Before I said you, I shall come to your house in summer vacation, but I say you now, I can’t go. You know I don’t get enough time, but now I get time to practice for my vacation.. I want to proper use of time..So please don’t angry with me.Pray for me so that I can obey Razib vai’s advice..

No more today.

Your daughter


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