Don’t care any bad comment

Maybe today you seeing some people trying to criticize you for your weakness of English language. And some people giving hahaha react in your post, it’s reality. But one you will see that, kind of those people they are want to help from you. Are you believe it??

When you reached in the midway in your goal that time you will see some people feel envy with you. And when you become more skilled that time you will those people who are tried to give bad comment in your post and in your society, now those people want to help from you. And that time they will say I was always with you. Actually it’s like a funny moment.😊😊

When you will try to do something better in your life, that time many people feel envy to See your trying. Usually those people don’t want you to develop your anything, they always thinking how to give some bamboo to someone who are trying to develop anything.

Firstly when we will start anything that time some people never give you any Praise for your work. Afterwards day by day when we will becoming some little bit skill, that time, some people do envy with you.

Initially we are in disappointed but when we will believe ourselves as well anything possible by ourselves that time we are becoming serious about anything.

It’s not a story but it’s a history. It’s taken from a real life history.

Always keep remember that practice make a man perfect. Today’s those people who are laughing at your practice, one day you will see that people will praise your improvement. And they couldn’t develop their skills but you will have improved a lot. And it’s will happen only for your regular work.

I am requesting you to be regular in this group because you can develop your skills from this group you believe or not it’s right.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t care any bad comment”

  1. sultan Mahmud sobuj

    exactly,dear.Criticism is a part of our life.If they don’t criticise in our actions, then our every work will be insipided.
    So in passively, they contribute to our work as if we can do it successfully.

  2. Nur Tamam Nupur

    This is the truth. When you start somet and also when you fail, people will laugh at you. On the other hand, when you will be expert in somet , they will run after to get tips, suggestions etc. so, don’t bother about them. Keep chasing your dreams.

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