Early marriage: Is course or blessing?

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Ok, I am here with another writing today.


This is about early marriage. You know it happens often in our country. We see lots news cutting about this.

If it is organized marriage between two young or child younger than the age of eighteen. We call it child marriage. Especially in that case parents give their daughter marry for considering them as economic burden.


Why it is so common incident in our country? There are lots of reason works behind this. Mainly lack of education, poverty, feeling insecurity and cultural practice are the main reason.

Now the question, is it right or wrong? Is it harmful always or not?


Actually there are lots argument about it. Yes, there is no suspension is that child marriage is not good for society. But if it would early marriage there is some confusion. Because in this definition early marriage differ in its definition, situation and culture.


However, there are some advantage of early marriage.


  1. Someone feel the age of 20 or like is the best time of youth. It is the time of temptation, when he or she can go astray to meet the demand. So, It should better to marry and enjoy one another.
  2. They can go through hard or good time but if they are together it would helpful to face something. They can be happy to stay together.
  3. After getting married the couple try to understand the reality, they practice the maturity in early age. It would help them in the rest of the life.
  4. Young people can adopt with the environment easily, if they get marriage early they make out the reality so early. They can lead a happy life together.
  5. Early marriage is also helpful to having children early. Science shows that if girls goes above 25 in ages they face some complexity to give birth a child.


To see the advantage of early marriage, do you feel surprised? Yeah, if you look over the news you can see only the disadvantage of it. But we have to confess it has lots positive side. If you get it early marriage means the marriage of 10 years child. You never can understand my point. As it is also happened in our surrounding’s. I mean near 18 or like that means early marriage.



Sure, there are lots of disadvantage of early marriage also. Such as


  1. Getting married in so early they fall in various problem. As they are not so mature so reality is hard.
  2. Gives birth in so early has a bad impact on health.
  3. Though it seems so convenient and romantic session but it has a little possibility to lasting.
  4. Fostering a child is not so easy, when it comes about the matter of maintaining a family, take care, earning, bearing expense. For immature and young it is so tough.
  5. They both can be deprive of getting education.
  6. In extended family no one take it easily that he will bear a new couple’s expense. As they have no job, or they do not complete their study yet. They would considered as burden for the family.
  7. They can miss their teenage life, like playing games, chatting with friends, hanging out.
  8. There is a huge possibility to break the relation in any time. As they are not so mature. They are very emotional indeed age is the factor also for being so emotional.



We can see the early marriage in various aspect. If we take it as so early means marriage in the age of 10 to 15. It would be cause of worry. Even at the same time being apathy of married life young can be go astray. It can be the reason of go against the nature also. It can be the better way to marry in moderate age. Just this my thought. You can share about it.


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