Eternal Love

This post has been written by Asmot Ali:

We were sitting in front of our village street with our family members & other neighboors.We were making so much funs with each others to getting pleasure & passing our time with jovial. My family members also were passing their time with us. Sometimes they were taking our surrounding neighboors for arousing obsesses entertainment.My neighboors were so much well known to our family that’s why now & then we were making those sorts of charming & startling situations for boths of us.My neighboor cousin & I were siting beside the indigenous road.All on a sudden we noticed to our south side street & seen some scenery that he was coming with his father’s beside the street on foot. In the spur of time he was come near to us and my cousin nila & I were looking at a stretch to his face.After seing his sweet face I couldn’t able to return my sights from his innocent looking. After that time I was infatuated to his deep love. That circumstance was Love at initiative or inauguration side to me.Within very short time he was passing in front of me.During crossing time he was laughing hyperactively to see mine movement.That moment was so much precious & wealthy to me because it was my first love to him.When he left my vicinity, I was looking him until finishing walk on the village road.From that day we couldn’t able to meet up with each other for long time.So what our love was authentic, Our view or look at was deep faithful, Our mind confidence was believable with each others, Our eyes contraction power was glamorous to each others.After that day I couldn’t able to think anything without him.I could memorie, I was so much addicted for him.I was suffering from to take a lot of curiosity for seing him again.May be he was also facing the same symptom without seing me.One day I went to meet up with him in his rustic surrending areas.Finally, Almighty Allah had given to a outstanding opportunity to meet up without any kind of fear & shame.

We were met in his areas on the bank of purnovoba river near the Badolgasi village. We were there for long time.Though I was so much nervous at that time , I couldn’t able to speak properly with him..Because it was first time to meet up him without any companies. He was also nervous. At buttom he’d asked me about myself. He said to me what is your opinion after seing me.Am I perfect for you as a bridegroom.I couldn’t capable to see his face, let alon deliver his questions.Whatever we were immeasurable happy because of launch or beggining moment for our salitary love.To involve deep love needs some trust,To feel each other vigorous requires some mind perceiving capacity, To start sweet dream essential uncountable belief, To closet with each other needs some patience that was present in our innocent & simplicity mind that’s why we could able to give the practical worthy value of our relationship .After some day later our families had arranged marriage occation for us. We’d involved of our spouse life.He was the first bridegroom for me.Allah have donated a lot of happy life for us.Still Now he is so much careful about me. We never stay anywhere without both each others.Now we’re crossing our at the eleven’s of life limitations. Our life age is being finished but our love will never be finished for good……..Md.Anshur Ali & Mst.Mahfuja begum…

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