Friend, I invite you for visiting…

My dear friend: Ikbal

Hi Ikbal, How are you? I hope you are well. I am also well. At present, a big village fair well be organised in our village. This year a book stall also will include with the fair and I know that you are a book lover. I said to you before about the fair. You said to me that you will come for visiting that fair. The fair will start with in one week and it will go for 15 days. This time you have to come to my home and we will visit the fair.

I inform to you that I have joined a tremendous group about learning English. The name of the group is Search English. The creator of this group named Razib Ahamad. He is very helpful for us.

I will talk about this group face to face. I hope you will come very soon for visitingg the fair to my home. Today is no more. by

Your friend,

Sony Khan

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