Friend in need is a friend indeed

There is a recent sayings i heard that “people can live without bf or gf but can’t live without friends . Friendship is a blessing if your friends are true & trustworthy towards your friendship. They should feel the friendship .They should except you the way you are . We spent hours on our friends sometimes more than we give the time to our family. So many times they become like our family . We hangout with each other , make fun of others , have fun with each other , we got fight with each other sometimes fight for each other but never break our trust , never betray each other but sometimes mistakes happens then why don’t we accept our mistakes ask forgiveness & meet up those things?? Some people are so egoistic that they don’t claim any mistakes and ask for forgiveness is not featured in their nature .Today I am writing about friendship because some month ago for some reason I had a big fight with my best friend . The reason I won’t share but we did something that putted us in a great trouble . I accepted the mistake we have done each other but she didn’t rather she claimed that all that was done by me this is the way she escaped trapping me to it & on the other hand i alone was bearing the trouble all alone, she never asked any news about me . After the matter solved she was creating melodramas that peoples are jealous about our friendship that’s why they got us to this deliberately. I was so angry that time i thought that this anger will never be the less any times but times can heal everything. I don’t have any anger for her now rather i will forgive her if she asks forgiveness may be. whatever my mind was saying I wrote it all now i feel relieved from that burden. Forgive my mistakes & accept this with full heart because I wrote it all from my heart. whatever that’s all for now &
this letter was written by #SHINNING_SUNSHINE.

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