Giving Thanks To Rajib Sir

Dear Sir,
Assalamualaikumand Good Morning .Take my cordial love also.Hope u r well by the grace of Almighty. I’m fine too.Sir u don’t know me.I know u have many well-wishers. I’m one of them.I want to introduce myself briefly.I’m Nuri from Bogra.I’m a student of Honours final year at English department. Let’s come to the point. Sir I get a chance to know about u few months ago through Search english.I joined to the group about 1-2months ago.And this group is really amazing. After joined here I started to commenting daily.After few days I wrote post also.English is my passion from childhood. But I didn’t find any perfect place to practice & improve my skill.U give me this big opportunity. Search english is a big platform where we can get chance to make myself. This group removes my shyness & hesitation. Now I can write in english frequently. I also can speak with my friends in english long time that I couldn’t at past.It’s make me more determined. It’s increasing my spirits. Already I fall in love to this group.It’s my favorite place to spend time.So I can’t leave it.I also become ur fan Sir.I’m surprised to see ur dedication. U r really decent & ideal person.I follow ur advice. U change my lifestyle also.Now I don’t waste my time at facebook. So Thank u so much Sir for all these reason. I know it’s not enough to ur great works.I always pray for u to Allah.Pray for me Sir that my dream comes true.
No more today.Stay with us always with ur encourage. May u live lond & Allah might bless u.I don’t know u ‘ll read my letter or not.But Now I feel relaxed.

Mahnoor Rahman(Nuri)

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