Global warming: Cause and remedy

Global warming is the burning question now a days. The more the people worry about it the more the world leaders are callous to it. Global warming means the increasing of the temperature of earth’s atmosphere. Before the industrial revolution it was not so alarming. After 1980’s it has escalated much. Now the average temperature of earth is 13.88 degree Celsius. Since 1800s the average temperature has increased 0.3 to 0.8 Celsius degree. Scientist take it as very alarming trend.


Generally it works many factors to rise the temperature of earth atmosphere. The changes the path of revolution of earth around the sun has a great role to increase this. But we have no control over it. The natural process like burning fossil fuel, agriculture and industry could be the cause of increasing the temperature of earth. Greenhouse effect one of the major cause of increasing global temperature.


So, how it would be effect on us?

Rising temperature has three major effect such as melting ice and raising sea level, damage plant life and animal life. Scientist assert rise of 3 degree temperature could be cause of drought, famine and threatened millions of life on earth. Only for this global sea level could be rise 20 feet. It will create more intense storm. The people sea coast area will be the great sufferer.


How can we reduce it?


  1. We can reduce the fossil fuel.
  2. We can find the alternative energy resources.
  3. We can keep importance on recycle usable resources.
  4. we can plant more and more trees.
  5. we can use less heat and air conditioning.
  6. we can buy energy efficient product.
  7. we can use less hot water.
  8. Sincere others about the global warming.


It is the high time we should take step to curb the global warming. Otherwise it will effect on our life and existence.


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