Globalization: Its impact on Bangladesh


Globalization has become a buzzword in the new era. Though it is a process of expanding business trade and relation internationally but it is not limited with it. It has a great influence on human life. For the welfare of information technology now the world is considered as global village. People are being close to close each other day by day. As a part of global network Bangladesh is greatly influence by the process of globalization. We can learn what is happening near to far all over the world within a short period of time. World is going to be more digitized gradually. As the globalization escalated much more. Because information technology has a great role on globalization.


Now a days we have reached in global market with our product. As a free market we can buy and sell by internet also. Globalization has opened the free market for all. In this aspect we can mention about our garments products. Our players taking part in various international games. This helps us to make a good relation to the world’s nations. It has opened the door of learning. Our students are getting schooralrship from various developed country and famous university. For easy communication we are connected with world more than before. Our people is going different country for work and contributing our economy sending remittance. Sure, globalization has opened a boundless opportunity for us.


On the other hand wave of globalization not only limited with positive things. It has serious side effect to the economy, culture and hugely on life. After the fall down of Soviet Russia world has occupied by capitalized country like USA and UK. To control all the business and market all over the world they has created some international financial institution like IMF, WB, ADB. As we are not so develop we have to depend on their loan. They take the great opportunity though they have no lack of promise to improve our economy. When they back their money it would be intensive and high rate of interest. We are taking loan and paying high interest we are being poor day by day. By this way they are occupying our market as the name of free market. Sometimes are local product cannot cope with international product. So, our market packed with foreign goods and product. Our small business are greatly damage for this. Thousands of people are related with this industry are being left unemployed. For the open air our culture are getting mix with various culture. Sometime it would consider as threat for our national identity.


We must not keep our door shut down. We should try to keep pace with the world. But we should keep our identity as an independent nation.





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