Nowadays, Globalization is the mostly uttered word in this communication era.It is reducing the distance and distinction among the nations and countries all over the world. It is accumulating the world at a unique place.It is playing the crucial role to make balance among knowledge,information,science,technology,culture,economy and environment.It is uniting the world from south corner to north corner and east corner to west corner. But several conversations,reviews,observations and studies have showed that there are many positive and negative sides prevailing in globalization. The wealth and technology are greatly expanding for the impact of globalization. The countries are progressing  with mutual cooperation. But on the contrary,third world developing countries are being damaged by the negative impacts of globalization. These countries are not advancing in the right track with their unstable political,economic and social structures.In this perspective, Bangladesh is also inseparable part of the process of globalization as a third world developing nation.
The main purpose of globalization is to create market and to attract for investment. It is the free flow of investment,production and technology. Globalization keeps it’s influence on economy,information revolution,communication and technology. In economic term, globalization aims to turn the whole world into a colossal market. The commercial impediments can easily be removed by this global process. Some contexts have been affixed as main terms with globalization,such as, the laws related to market,the cut of government expenditure,the reduction of government interference,privatization and the extinction of public wealth.
The augmentation of globalization has spread at the every sphere of our life. I am mentioning some of them below.
Technological globalization, this was started in the term of industrial revolution. People started to come closer for the purpose of exchanging,purchasing and selling mechanical inventions from that time.Then people endeavored to have the benefits of mechanical communication from mechanical inventions.
Information globalization, The use of technology on exchanging information has vehemently accelerated the process of globalization.It is no more tiresome task now to travel the whole world within moments staying at your own domicile. you can run your trade and commerce staying at your own room through internet,e-commerce and e-mail.The phenomenal advancement of information technology has expedited the process of globalization.
Economic globalization,The technological and information globalization has boosted the economic globalization.Capital,labor,investment,the relocating of materials and the amelioration of market are not following any border for the cause of globalization.World bank, world trade organization and international monetary fund have strongly grappled the countries and there is no way of detaching from this global process.
Social,political and cultural globalization, social,political and cultural changes are being occurred in the various regions of the world as the consequences of globalization.But the third world countries are being hampered for the bad cultural impacts.
Positive sides of globalization,The expansion of information technology and the development of knowledge and science are making the world closer and smaller. People can know what is happening in the outer world within seconds staying at home through computer and internet.So there is no chance to ignore the globalization process. Some positive sides of globalization I am mentioning below.
1,The international relation is being developed by boosting relation among the countries for the influence of globalization.
2, The massive productions and marketer are becoming easy as the market system is being amplified for the impact of globalization.
3,The mutual taking and elimination is being expanded in knowledge,expertness and experience.
4,The opportunities of free trade and commerce are being created because of globalization.
5,It is becoming possible to reduce international conflicts through globalization process.
The negative sides of globalization, the negative impacts of globalization are generally being noticed in the developing countries.Globalization has opened the door of earning money and wealth for the developed countries through free trade economy but globalization has become as a curse for the developing and the under developed countries.
1,The merits are being trafficked to the rich countries from the poor countries. As a result the rich countries are becoming richer and the poor countries are becoming poorer.
2,The unequal competition has been launched among the countries because of globalization. As a result many industrial factories are being stopped not coping with this competition in the poor countries and many people are losing their work and becoming unemployed.
3,It is becoming abstruse to keep the state privacy because of globalization.
4,The cultural catastrophes are happening in different countries because of the bad effects of globalization.
Globalization and Bangladesh,
The negative impacts of globalization are mostly noticeable in the developing countries.As a developing country Bangladesh is not exceptional.At present globalization process has become great challenge in our country. Free trade economy has touched us but we have not enough materials and atmosphere to face the challenges of globalization and there is also lack of institutional basement. As a result the foreign market is expanding in our country by the name of free trade market.All the aid groups including world bank and international monetary fund are attributing strict conditions and we are still unable to make reliable capital market.The quantity of export is not increasing up to our expectation.The quantity of foreign direct investment is decreasing apprehensively. To attain the benefits of globalization is impossible to deny the importance of human development. The countries who are very lagging behind at the human development index,have less possibilities to enjoy the benefits of globalization process.Bangladesh is staying at the very low stage of human development index so at present it is very difficult for our country to keep pace with the developed countries.The very important feature of globalization is to occupy the market by producing the products with very low cost.At this regard our indigenous products are being hampered to our neighboring country,India, where it is very hard to cope with the powerful countries. The developed countries are knocking us to enter into the world economic market but the Asian currency market is gradually lowing down.Bangladesh cannot achieve it’s ability or capability to engage in competing with the universal competition.So we need to take immense preparation to take the challenges of globalization.
Some steps should be taken in the perspective of globalization for the developing countries like Bangladesh.
1, The government should be meticulous to develop the infrastructure of information technology.
2, The expert manpower should be appointed in the social and economic fields specially in education, health and security.
3, The research management power should be boosted to develop information technology.
4, To ensure good governance is must.
5, The political and social stability must be maintained.
In this modern civilization, globalization is the consequence of the mobility of cycle. So it will be unwise task to resist or fend globalization by considering it as new colonialism. Globalization will go forward it’s own way keeping aside all negative illustrations. No countries can keep aloof from the process of globalization.It will bring catastrophe for the developing countries like Bangladesh if we go forward to the way of globalization without taking effective plan and preparation.The economic globalization will be fruitful and effective when the benefits of globalization will equally be allocated.The transparency of administrative structures,the attainment of political stability and the equal allocation of wealth are much needed to get benefited from the globalization process.We expect that Bangladesh must be able to enjoy the merits of globalization soon.
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