Hard work helps to fulfill your dream

Assalamu alikum.

Hi guys, what’s up? Hope all are well by the grace of Almighty Allah. Alhamdulillah, I am well. Have you completed today’s task. Sir gave us to read inspirational posts. I want to cite some note of Sir’s inspirational posts. Ok, let’s go…

Many people said that I am working like Robot or machine. Maybe this word fully is not wrong. I love to work because I know that to fulfill the dream there is no alternative to hard working. I completed my Master’s 1998 and for this I have passed 18 years as my career life. I have experience in Job, Freelancing and business- all types work. And for this experience I can cope up with all level people.

Last 18 years, I can understand properly that to implement any dream we have to keep up with hard work. You are honest, industrious and sincere. But if your Boss never like you then you have to pass your life through full of harassment. In business, intelligence and favor luck can help to make some money. But to fulfill your there is no alternative to hardship.

To stand e-Cab properly I faced a lot of trouble situation and moment. And for this a large number of people know about it very quickly. Many give me knowledge to give advertise in Facebook with $100 dollars and for this ad many know about e-Cab very easily and in a short time. Alright, this was possible but e-Cab lost its goodwill and familiarity.
Last 23 months, I worked for e-Cab and for this I know all moment of this association. So, I believe from my mind that if you want to fulfill your dream, you will have to work very hard. In umpteen problems, you have to keep up with your hardship job.

No more today.
Keep patient, be practical
Thanks a lot.

Nazmun Nahar Nupur.

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