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Dear Razib Sir,

At first take my Salam. Hope you are fine by the grace of Almighty Allah. I just want to thank you. I want to say that Search English is one of the best platform to practice Enlish. It is a Vejal Free group. We can write English in this group without any hesitation. Nobody can do any bad comments here. So everybody can write freely. We can  practice reading English here. By reading English, our vocabullary is being enriched. And we are becomeing more confident.

Once it was a small group. Now it has become one of the biggest group in Facebook. I hope one day it will be one of the best English learning group in the world.

You have done a great job. Thank you sir. thank you very much for your sacrifice in this group.

Wish you a successful life.

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  1. Surely search English is now one of the most established online learning platform. It’s recognised globally and we feel proud to being part here. It help us to get English skill.

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