Housing problem of Dhaka city: Need urgent step


Dhaka is one of the most densely populated mega city in the world. Now it has more than 1.7 crore people are living in this city. Housing problem is the acute problem of this city. Though there is no lack of problem like traffic jam, mosquito, frequent electricity distraction, polluted water, irregularity in charges of services like electricity and gas. A crowded people rush to the city every day from different place of the country. They think if it would get a work opportunity in there. In a report it shows that 70% of the total people of this city have to squeeze in 20% of its land. They are mostly belongs to the lower income bracket. The upper income people constitute only 2% of total population and occupied 15% of its area. Who lives hand to mouth they have to take shelter in slum. Because poor people cannot provide their housing cost. So, they meet their demand living as a slum dweller. Some private real estate company are trying to meet the demand of people. But those are not enough. Sometimes they are not reliable to the people. By selling land it might be caused lots of deception. On the other hand living is very costly here. Land owner impose high rent. After paying for daily necessary it is tough to pay hugely for house rent. Job is limited but people are increasing leaps and bounds.


Times to times we see government takes lots of plan but implementation of this plans are slightly visible. But we can see the light of hope that the mayor of two City Corporation has taken some steps. They both are very cordial to implement the steps. Though these steps are not so adequate. We hope government would take necessary steps to remove this problem.

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