How I am getting benefited from search English group.

  • Search English group is my family and I am very
    tiny member of this extended family. Our family
    is becoming extended by leaps and bounds
    because of mutual love,affection, respect,
    compassion, cooperation, inspiration and caring.
    And Our head of the family is our beloved and
    revered mentor Razib vaiya who is doing every
    possible thing to sustain good relation among
    our family members. He is our apple of eyes. His
    every speech works like a magic to perform our
    respective duties and responsibilities in our
    lovely family . We all the family members are
    highly grateful to him for constant support and
    He is incessantly working hard to
    keep this family calm and quiet so that we can
    stay here peacefully.
    I am very lazy and irregular member of this group
    but I can’t resist myself from writing here when I
    get through the sparkling posts of some
    assiduous and talented members. Some
    members are exceptionally doing great in this
    group. They are making us entertain with their
    glaring writings constantly. Most of the posts are
    didactic and teachable. I am really stunned to
    notice their continuous hard efforts. Very
    glittering future is waiting for them.
    I am feeling blessed to stay with such quality
    members of this family.
    However I have come here again with my
    another monotonous post to discuss about how I
    am getting improved through this marvelous
    Actually I am not feeling any shame now to
    express that I didn’t dare to write two lines
    English sentences spontaneously before joining
    this group although I completed my study from a
    reputed university and it is really great shame for
    me. I was always terrified of my English free
    writing. I would know little bit grammar but
    grammar is useless if you don’t know how to
    write English. Grammar is applied in English
    sentences if you can’t write sentences so where
    will you use your grammatical rules? Mind it,
    grammar is for language, language is not for
    So learn language before learning grammar.
    Before joining this group, I always meant that
    English is subject and this subject is composed
    of immense grammar and I have to swallow them
    through cramming. It was my perception about
    English before joining this group.
    How fool I was!
    Search English has broken my all superstitions
    and wrong perceptions about English. This group
    has taught me that English is not a subject, it is
    just a language. It is not a part of bored
    cramming. It is just a language and you have to
    learn it subconsciously how you learn your
    mother tongue.
    This group has largely helped me to change my
    antique trend of English. This group has enticed
    me that you should learn language before
    learning grammar.
    This group has taught me, don’t worry about your
    mistakes. your mistake is your way of learning.
    Mistake is the stair of learning. Mistake is your
    teacher. Mistake is your bridge oft learning
    This group is source of inspiration of my learning
    I have learnt from this group that making
    mistakes is not a curse rather it is blessing for
    us. The more you make mistakes, the more you
    will be experienced and the more you will be able
    to learn English.
    I had always apathy of reading from my
    childhood and it was really great concern for me
    but now I feel comfort of reading. Search English
    has largely helped me to boost my reading skill.
    Specially I have been able to remove my apathy
    of reading by writing comments in this group.
    To write comments, I was propelled to read
    many posts. So by reading many posts, reading
    is very auspicious matter to me now. I get
    amused to read different articles now what was
    very boring to me once. I love to read and write.
    It has become my passion on reading and writing
    nowadays. And all credit goes to Razib vaiya and
    this lovely group.
    you can’t be good writer if you are not a good
    reader. To be good reader is the precondition of
    being a good writer. Search English is helping me
    to expedite my reading and writing skills.
    Everyday I get many worthy posts or articles in
    this group and from which I can learn many
    information and vocabularies. By going through
    different types of posts, my vocabulary
    storehouse is getting enriched day after day.
    Search English is the center of sharing
    knowledge and it is the great opportunity to
    make us knowledgeable.
    Search English is my heart now. It has become
    apple of my eyes. I cannot stay without this
    group for a single day. I am addicted to this
    group but this addiction is blessing for me. This
    addiction is helping me to make my life worthy.
    It is helping me to make a good career. Without
    having good efficiency in English, it is impossible
    to shine in your life in this competitive era and
    Search English is making us competent for this
    competitive world.
    Presentation skill is very crucial for making your
    life successful.Your knowledge will not work for
    you if you can’t present them well.
    There is an audio adda to boost our speaking
    skill so that we can be good presenter. It is a
    mammoth opportunity to accelerate our speaking
    ability. I am trying to be regular here and in shaa
    Allah I can be good speaker in English within a
    short time.
    Nowadays search English has launched a very
    crucial part of learning and it is search English
    reading website. It is a miracle part of this group
    to enrich your reading skill. It is an immense
    opportunity to be good reader by utilising this
    reading website. This website is full of wonderful
    and interesting articles if you regularly read them,
    you must be bound to be good reader. you are
    good reader, that means, you can also be a good
    writer. I am trying to read in the reading website
    regularly and I hope, if I maintain it for one
    month at a stretch then I can be a good reader in
    shaa Allah.
    I was very lethargic and impatient in my life but
    now I can work patiently because I have become
    trained up from this group to notice the patience
    and diligence of Razib Ahmed vaiya. I have taken lessons from some of enthusiastic and vivid members of this group how to be hard worker and consistent in work.
    I love this family so much, I love to spend time here, I love to read and write in my beloved group. This group is turning point to reach at the pinnacle of my success.My heartiest gratitude to Razib vaiya and this engrossing group.
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