How to stay healthy in summer

Hi, mates,It has been started summer, Sun is glaring to you, threaten you with his fierce eyes. What about you?

I can feel you. My friends and all of my loving people. May be you are feeling thirsty, looking a shady place or hurrying up to save you from acute shining. So, I am with you taking some tips how you can stay healthy in this acute shining.

Drink sufficient water:

Water is very essential element to keep you fit. When it is summer, our weather is so hot. Even though when the sky is so cloudy the temperature is rising. We can bear it. Heat always give off water from your body. If it would be so much hot then it can be dangerous for your health. It can make your body void of water. So, you should drink much water in this time. A bottle of water can save your life. Whenever you go or wherever you go, a bottle of water can be your good companion in this hot summer. Be sincere it should be pure water. You have to remember that as another name of pure water is life but the name polluted water is death. Drinking too much water will keep control your body temperature. Do not forget to take much water.

Comfortable dress up:



May be you are so much busy with your work, or you can be apathy about your dress up. But in this hot weather you have to be careful about your dress. White can be your best color in this time. You know white color has a resistant power against occlusion. So, you will feel comfortable to wear white color dress. Flexible, light, and cotton can be your choice also. But you should avoid synthetic. You can take light footwear as like slipper.

Take bathe two or three times:

Usually we take bathe one time in a day, But you can change your habit in the summer. Taking a bathe before sleep can be the reason of your sound sleep. Moreover much heat emitted perspiration. It is not healthy for your body. You should clean your perspiration, without it can be cause of creating various disease. Can create skin problem.

Take liquid food:

I know you cannot control your mouth from taste food. Taste food? Obliginly fried chicken, beef, Berger and all of fried of oil. But if you want to keep healthy and fit in this summer you have to avoid this kinds of fast food. You can a juice instead of Singara. Your home made food can be your intimate for every day. Green coconut oh so healthy for you. But be sincere to buy it reliable shop. Milk, fruits juice, beverage will keep you safe.


Avoid Sun shine:



You have to go to office every day. Someone have to work under sunshine. So, you have to be sincere. You can take an umbrella if it possible. I can remember my grandfather. When he went to field in this summer he would take an umbrella, Sometimes hat. Every labor who used to work in our filed they took a hat ( maiden by bamboo) for saving from sun shine. I am not telling to take it. You can take a cap, glass and female or for our sister sunscreen lotion.

Lessen your physical work:

If you are engage with laborious work you can lessen your work in this time. You can change the schedule. You can avoid the time when it mid-day. Early in the morning and afternoon you can take it. If you go to gym you can take little exercise. You can limited your exercise in cardio. It should not be suitable to work hard or take much exercise in the hot sun shine.

Take Fruits:


You can feel a lucky one. In our country there is no lack of fruits. In the summer we have plenty of country’s fruit. Green coconut, wood apple, litchi, mango, jack fruit, watermelon, pineapple, papaya, pomegranate and so what! You can take much more fruits to remain healthy in this weather.

Stay calm:

For your good health your mind is so important. A clam and quite environment also help you well in this hot summer. Cool mind and stress less work keep in fit. Avoid temper and angry with people. If you fell in unrest it can be the cause of hit stork especially in summer.

Keep away from smoking& alcohol:


You know smoking is dangerous for health. Yes, in this summer it can be dreadful for you. You are not a smoker but be sincere about your surroundings. There is no lack of smoker. In the bus station, on the way office, pavement even though in your office you can me met with this bad situation. Be sincere yourself. Oh! You are flying in the sky with drinking like sprite, seven up, Pepsi, coca cola. Because you are in safe zone. Temperature never be hit you. Or with bottle of coke you are walking smart that you are drinking healthy or it will be keep your body fit. You are living in fool of heaven. Most of the energy drink are containing harmful ingredients. You can look at the link of “The news today.”

Change your mattress:

May be you are habituated with mattress but it is not suitable in this summer. You can prefer to cane mat (shitol pati) instead of mattress. Hope you have a sound sleep and never feel you are in a summer night. It is not so costly. But if you think it is not available you can flooring.


Stay healthy, stay well!!

No more today.


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