I have got some benefit from Search English

Hello my lovely group mate how are you? I hope all are doing good by the almighty Allah, I am also good.

Nowadays a day I didn’t any post in this group because I feel some laziness inside of me. Now I am going to write about my reading journey from class one to hons 1st years all English text book.

When I was started my reading section that time I was too much weak in english and I didn’t write any sentence even i was can’t English speak.

How much benefit from reading section I have got already do you know? Okay I am marking some point what I have got from section, see below👇

1. I have making my reading habit.
2. I have got many new word.
3. I have got a speed of reading
4. I have got new experience
5. I have got many inspiration from all of you and mostly Razib Ahmed sir.
6. I have give up my laziness little bit.
7. Now I can speak English
8. Now I can write many long post very easily.
9. I have got a special confident to move forward.
10. I can help someone without any Jealousy
11. I have got lot of confidence to talk in public place

That’s all I have got already, I know I will get lot of confidence to do for myself.

  • Now I will suggest all of you Please try to complete search English syllabus then you also will get lots of benefit and also confidence.
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