I have got unbelievable improvement from search English group

Once upon a time I was too much weak at English that time I did many posts in this group, I did many mistakes in my post. You believe or not when was my sister’s marriage day that day I did a post about my sister’s marriage.

In that post, I did many mistakes afterwards many stupid people laughed at my post, but that time I did not get any shyness because Razib Ahmed Sir always said that this group is only for weak learner. And I have setup this sentence in my mind so that’s why I didn’t feel any shyness.

For did mistake, I am now this position. Is not that, now I am too much good at English but I now I can present myself with anyone at English very easily.

When I was getting many bad comment in my sister’s marriage day post then I did mention Razib Ahmed Sir. Then Razib Ahmed Sir did off the comment section of that post. And sir told me if you do mistake then you will learn.

So I suggest you all the learner please do not worried about bad comment and haha re-act. Just always you do step in your mind, this is our group because I am too weak. If we had good at English then we never comes in here to practice.

Believe me before 6 month ago I was too much much weak in english every I did not make a sentence properly for my weakness you believe or not it’s universal truth. If you will regular in this group then you will see your development after one month later which is I have seen.

When I have started practicing here that time in the first day I couldn’t write any long comment that time I had tried just write my name for example, I am Al-Amin ,I am from rajbari, I am a student that’s it. After practice 15th day I had seen my development is that I could write little bit long comment. In this way I had practice every day. Beside my practicing in search engines group I had joined Search English workshop. Everyday I had joined there and I tried to follow all the instructions of Razib Ahmed Sir and anu apu always told us about benefit of reading in that workshop.

Best wishes for all the learner.

Razib Ahmed

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6 thoughts on “I have got unbelievable improvement from search English group”

  1. Hello guys how are you? i hope all members very well. I am joint here some days ago. I started comment one or two word such as thanks, very good,yes sir but now i could right little bit long comment. I don’t think my comment read right or mistake i try to comment regularly. I hope, no follow the bad comment and go ahead to goal.

  2. Sultan mahmud sobuj

    //If you don’t mistake, you can’t learn //
    I aslo see my improvement before joining this group I can’t think think that one day i’ll write a post in English. After one month later what was I & now ehat I am!
    You are one if the most activist member of search English group & truly you are the legend.. I also inspire from you.
    you start your practise from zero & now yoy are the real hero…hold down your practise.

  3. Delwar Hossen Dulu

    I am also same of you because i could not write any full sentence before joine this group. after joined search english goup i can now write any comment or post in english. I am greatful to Razib Ahmed sir and search english group. Beaucse this group has gave me a great chance to learn english.

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