Impact of IT on banking sector

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The advent of information technology and in the age of modernization banking sector is being dependable on IT. Technology plays a great role to replace dynamic banking system instead of conventional banking system. Without IT product activities of banking is not imaginable.

A modern bank always keep priority on information technology. Various IT product like as automated teller machine (ATM), Smart cards, mobile banking, magnetic Ink character reader(MICR), Electronic data Interchange, Electronic funds transfer, Electronic home and office banking are using in banking system. Those product has accelerated the works of bank.


The adoption of ICT in banking sector has a lots of good impact:

  1. Ameliorating the service.
  2. Assurance of faster service.
  3. Surety and security of records.
  4. Home and office service.
  5. Making the banking easier for customer.
  6. Quickly money transfer.
  7. Create goodwill to the people.
  8. Advancement of activities.
  9. To survive in competition.
  10. Spreading the banking easily to the marginal people.
  11. Ensure the high security of money.


Though in this age of modernization we never think to quit or ignore the use of IT in banking sector but we have to confess that  here some negative dominance of IT product also. Sometimes it is also the reason of fearful. Such as


  1. Sometimes we see it is unsecured for a poor and fragile network.
  2. Lack of skilled and proper trained man power it face various problem.
  3. Hacker and culprits always try to find the gap and weakness of this kind of product and facility.
  4. Customer has not enough idea about the IT product so it has a possibility of being swindled.


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