Jahangirnagar University

Jahangirnagar University is of one the most leading public university in Bangladesh. This is the only one residential university among total 38 public university here in Bangladesh.

In the current time, President Abdul Hamid is the chancellor of the university and Professor Dr. Farjana Islam is the Vice-chancellor of the university who is the first women Vice-chancellor in Bangladesh.

The university was established in 20th August in 1970   and formally it started it’s journey to teach students at 12th January of 1971. So, 12th January is the Jahangirnagar  University Day.

It was established by the Pakistan Government under Jahangirnagar Muslim University Ordinance in 1970 but later after the independence of Bangladesh, the university started running by a new act called Jahangirnagar University Act 1973.


The university is called Kingdom Of Natural Beauty because of it’s natural environment. There are huge amounts of trees gloomy flowers in the  campus and the beautiful birds with greeny natural environment will give you so much pleasure that you won’t be able to guess that you are really in Dhaka.

The total area of the campus is about 697.56 acres. The University is about 32 away from the Dhaka city and it’s just in the west of popular Dhaka-Aricha highway. The National monument of savar was just at the northern part of the university and the BPATC and the Savar cantonment are at the southern corner of the university. The biggest Dairy farm is of savar is located just on the east side of the University gate.

The most beautiful affair of the campus  which will make you amazed is, All the buildings of the campus are made by red coloured bricks.


Now,  we are going to be known about the academic educational system . The University was started with 150 students and with four departments, called Economics, Mathematics, Statistics and Geography  department at 1971 . And the university started to teach their students with new act at 1973 called Jahangirnagar Universally Act 1973 after the independence of Bangladesh.

There are 34 departments and Six major faculties.

The faculties are –

Mathematical and physical faculty, Social science faculty, Humanities and Arts faculty, Biological faculty, Law faculty and Business studies faculty.

There are also four institute in the university.

Institute of IBA and Institute of IIT are the leading institute in the university.

The JU IBA offers the students to pursue their bachelor degree on BBA and also offers to pursue MBA after the bachelors degree or graduation. From 2012, The institute also offers e-MBA for the professionals at the evening times.

There are around 16,000 students are currently studying in the University for pursuing their graduation and under graduation degree.

The University also offer some research based Phd degree for some students of different major subjects.

There are around 750+ teachers are in the university.

Every year around 2000 students are getting chance to admit their selves in this reputed university. That’s why during the admission test exam process their happened a tremendous competition every year. Every year around 2,50,000 students attended to the admission test exam of the university in under different faculties and but because of the tough competition only the best 2000 could be admitted in this University.


The university has the full residential facility for all of it’s students and every students are allotted to a seat at any hall where the university has 16 halls now for it’s students. There are eight halls are for the female students and eight halls for the male students.

The university also has the bus facility for it’s students  along with their teachers.

Normally,  the university starts it’s classes and all official duties from 8.30 am and it continues upto 5 pm in several departments and institutions.

The university has very much decorated and well designed gate to welcome you when you will be there to visit the university. The gate is coloured very nicely with it’s exclusive design along with a very nice flower garden where you will be able to see gloomy flower plants always.

After entering to the Beautiful university, You will see a very nice designated mosque.

This one of the most beautiful mosque in the area and also in the campus and as there are many modern facilities people from nearby area used to visit the mosque in the special prayer days or in the off days to perform their salat. And really the mosque made the campus more beautiful because of it’s beautiful design.

In front of the Mosque, you will able to observe a very large green field which is always remains busy. Many players of our campus also other university or other nearby institutions players used to come to play or practice different sports.

Also there are very beautiful temple for the Hindu religious people which is really another beautiful creation.

In the evening time, You could be able to enjoy best time in the central field. There will be a very sweet breezes in the evening time that’s why students gathered there to have their gossips.

And the green grasses  made the field unrivalled.


In front of the central field, there is a large cafeteria where healthy foods are served for the students and teachers.

It’s become active daily from the 6.30 of the morning. Students and teachers used to go there for feeding themselves or to have a short gossips with their friends with coffee. The prices of the served food are too much cheaper than it’s quality in the cafeteria.


In front of the cafeteria there were also the teachers and students centre called tsc in the university which is keeping a very good role to keep the best relation among the teacher and students.

As there are several cultural organization in the university, they do practice their cultural works in several rooms in the tsc.

There are many rooms in the TSC building for many cultural organizations. There are also facility to book room for guest who want to pass their times in the university with it’s natural beauty.


In front of TSC, The university  also has a great and large hall room which we call auditorium named “Zahir Raihan Auditorium ” in the campus.

In that auditorium, There are a seminar room where there are facility for 250 people to enjoy any cultural program or meeting or get together arranged by any departments of the campus.

There also a large hall room in the auditorium where 1500 people can enjoy any program at a same time.

It is used for charity show,  film festival,  university day celebration or any international program.

Every year, Many job fair,  photography contests, Ict fair or any other most big programs arranged by Several departments or by cultural organization in the campus.



There is a open platform of watching any cultural program in the campus which is also nearby to the central field and that is the Selim Aldeen Muktomoncho.

At a time, thousands of people can enjoy any cultural program  because of it’s sitting facility.

Anybody if s/he pass a day in the muktomoncho must be nostalgia because of it’s beautiful combination with natural beauty.

Jahangirnagar University has a very good reputation for it’s cultural activities and that’s why Average everyday, there must be any cultural program and most of the program happens in the muktomoncho, So it will keep busy daily for watching any program.


[This is the first part of my article about my sweet campus and I’m hopeful that you all have enjoyed reading it.The pictures which are used here are taken from google image, also I’ve used the official website to gather some information.  The next part is coming soon….]


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