Journey Continues to Cox’s Bazaar and Saint Martin’s Island

In my last post, I have written about my experience of Bandarban and it’s natural beauty. Today I am going to share my last day spend in some famous places there and my last destination Cox’s Bazar and from their Saint Martin’s Island.


woke up at 5.00 A.M I saw something unusual in my hotel room’s Balcony. I will never forget the roaring sounds of clouds their beauty. They are mixing and rolling with one another like a thick smoke and I can’t see anything without them. In that moment I felt like, there is nothing more beautiful in this universe and there is no other thing exist between us (me and the clouds). I don’t know how much time I have spent standing like a spellbound creature. After some time I was called by my sister to pray Fajar prayer and I thanked Almighty for giving me such an opportunity to see the beauty of HIS creation.

At  6 A.M. we decided to explore the resort and main reason behind this was “SAIRU POINT” we wanted to be the witness of “Eternal Love”. (I have mentioned the story in my previous post) we choose a road between the woods to climb and saw many unknown flowers and trees. On the top of that hill, we found two twisted trees standing like Embracing each other! I have never seen such kind of trees in my life and both trees are different kinds. We spend some time there and showed respect to their love by remembering their stories which became a myth forever.

Sairu Point


Our journey has begun again after our buffet breakfast on Chader Gari. As we checked out from Sairu we were upset as we have to leave such a beautiful place. But our car took us to some interesting places. When our car stopped I was confused as I could see nothing in front of but when I followed the direction of others I saw a Stream beneath a hill. From the top, it seems like a long way down to underworld! We got down from the hill at the bottom we found some local tribal people who are collecting water from there and washing their clothes after bathing. This stream is called “SHOILO PROPAT” and one of the local people informed us about the destructive beauty of that silent stream. When rainy day comes it washes away everything even humans have washed away if someone stands anywhere in the way as in rainy season the current becomes so strong and people are often warned to go there. But it is safe to watch the beauty from a short distance. For the first time I have seen any stream and it was a beauty itself.  Nature can play hide and seek this way by hiding her beauty underneath the surface. I enjoyed that place by feeling the water and stayed sometimes there. We climbed the hill again and tasted some local fruits and started our journey to another place.

Shoilo Propat


Our Chander Gari took us to another city of clouds called “NILACHOL” but we were unfortunate because we have to walk a long way to reach that exact place from the entrance. As there were some kids with us and the Sun was smiling at us so brightly we decided to left that place after some time and enjoyed the beauty of Nilachol from a short distance.

Nilachol Hill


This place is just more than a park! While we reached there we have to buy tickets to enter. There are many things gathered in a place and I liked that place for the hanging bridge and for the “cable car” it was an interesting experience to ride a cable car as it was above a lake. We were feeling excited at a same time little bit afraid but we enjoyed like children :p There was a map in the entrance for direction as it was a big place with many entertaining sides. A Zoo, a Train, a Cable Car, Two Hanging Bridge and the beautiful decoration of nature made that place more beautiful.

Cable Car at Meghla Park above the Lake


It was time to leave Bandarban and start our journey for Cox’s Bazar. It was always my dream to see the SEA and SUN rise or set at the same time. When we reached our hotel Cox Today I found sea from my Balcony 😀 we took rest for sometimes and jumped straight into the sea without making any delay. It was my first time in the sea, where there is no end, where the sky ended with the sea. This view will make you spellbound. I don’t know how to swim so I am a little bit afraid of drowning that I enjoyed every wave as the sea was sound that time. Standing on the seashore and watching the sunset was the most beautiful scene of that day. The sun became red and its light became warm, slowly it went down into the sea and with a heart full of gratitude to Almighty we came to our room.

Cox’s Bazaar Sea Beach

Next morning at 6 A.M we started our journey for Teknaf to go to Saint Martin’s Island. As we had our own bus it was easier for us to move any place and take a break anywhere. We reached to our ship before the time and our seats in the ship were in an open place, from where we can enjoy the beauty of the sea and the breeze. Our voyage was the last voyage of this season. So if somehow we miss this ship there was no way to coming back. On the way to Saint Martin’s Island, we crossed saw the border of Myanmar passed on left-hand side. In the middle of the sea, you can’t differentiate the sky and the water. You will see the warm blue ocean united with the blue sky as far as you can see. This Island is the only Coral Island of our country so it was more exciting to be there. The Sea was calm and we reached there safely without any hazard.

In the midst of the SEA

We had only 3 hours to explore as we have to take the same ship to get back to Teknaf. We hired some vehicles to and they took us to some different beaches. First one was covered with sand but no coral visible there as it was ebb time. That beach was totally blue is color and more beautiful with its waves and sounds. Near this beach, we went to a special place “ Humayun Ahmed’s SHOMUDRO BILASH” though it was closed but you can imagine this great man’s thinking as he had made this house only to watch sea in the full moon. We gossiped with local people and found some kids sitting with some Corals in the lowest price. One thing surprised me about their lifestyle, no one begged for once rather they prefer selling something. 3 or 4 kids were sitting with some corals and snails, we brought from them to help them. Those kids were offering their corals with a smiling and requested appeal and we can’t deny them.

Saint Martin’s Island

We visited two more beaches and found the coral beach at last. One of the local people said it is tide going on otherwise you could see many corals in the sea. While gossiping with the driver, he said there was no flood in that place and the base of the whole island is coral. At that moment I wished to stay there for 1 day to see the real beauty of corals. But we had a great time there and had our lunch in the local hotel. We left Saint Martin’s at sharp 3.00 PM as it was the last voyage the ship was full of passengers that time.

Coral Island. Saint Martin’s Island

That night we enjoyed poolside BBQ party at our hotel and spend our last night at Cox’s BazarKakoli restaurant again. Our journey ended nicely with a beautiful journey.

That’s all about my five days journey. I may have made many mistakes but I am not at all bothered about it. As we learn through mistakes and I wanted to write about this journey as a diary that’s why I made it a bit longer than my usual posts. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment bellow for any kind of information.


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