Komol Babu who dreams to become a footballer

This post has been written by Asmot Ali:

I’m Komol Babu. I’m from Shopnopuri beside the upazilla town, residence under the Fulbari upazilla, in Dinajpur district under northern part of the Bangladesh. I’m a boy who is so much crazy for playing from boyhood. Since my smooth childhood I’ve dreamt a sweet dream to be a good & dexterous player on football for earning reputations for Bangladeshi people’s. Since my schoolhood I used to think about my dream profession that inshallah after being enough mature I’ll be an astute & expert player for Bangladesh. Inshallah I’ll carry out the glorious victory for Bangladesh when I can play in the national as well as international field to be on the behalf of Bangladesh national team. I used to see my dream as like my own life during that’s time because I wanted to be a adroit player in my life. Really, I wanted to be. Day after day I was being mature & I was going forward to fulfill my desirable dream that I’ve cherished in my mind from many years. But On the other hand, life isn’t a bed of roses for all of population & students under the beloved country. My dream was going end an smoke for my academic obsesses pressure When I was reading in class seven. Though I was a boy who was being growing up so rapidly in rich family. I’d no shortage of food, clothes, playing instruments, money as well as any kind of daily necessity demands on my life. Above all I’d all of necessity that was needed for my life at that time. After that some intervals time I was feeling so much along & orphan boy because I couldn’t go to play for arousing my expertness on my dream. That moment was so much unhappy to me. I was passing my life with struggle because my parents didn’t like this profession for me that I’ll be a footballs player future time in my life that’s why they’d created a lots & unbearable pressure on me as if I give up this hope & I become a good student to my academic life. May be my parents was correct, their demands was correct, their instruction was correct for me but at that time I couldn’t obey my parents rules & regulations to maintain my academic study. Just, I have focused my dream as if I can be reputed player. That’s why in my academic life result was so much bad for me. I never demand on my academic study that I’ve to make good results for my bright future. I’ve to build my career by academic study. I never thought that think. Just I was cherishing my desirable dream that I’ve to be a good payer in football field by hook or by cook. For that reason I was given all of my inner effort to be a skillful on my profession. I used to allocate a lot of time behind this dream because I wanted to be expert on football game but ever & anon my parents was creating tough situations for me. Though I wasn’t regular on my study, I’d to receive excess load about my study. As I was so much little at that time when I had wanted to be role model in the playing fields around Bangladesh. At that time I was fallen in danger circumstances that what should I do? But I could able to excel this situations by my immeasurable cherish & will power. To take uncountable pressure I’ve finished my under graduated study with GPA-4.80. At the end of the time I was tried to get GPA- 5 but I’ve frustrated to get I’ve no any kind of shortage about my results. After seeing my good results my parents have got outstanding & unusual happy. They think that inshallah authentic life is waiting for me. After enduring all of irritation from surrounding vicinity still now my parents have supported me a lot as if as soon as feasible I can get my cherish demands. And finally they have started to see the same dream about me. Now I’m in class intermediate second years student at Fulbari govt. college under Dinajpur. Now I can say about myself that I’m the person in my life who is so much happy because my parents have supported me to go ahead. Inshallah I’ll fulfill my parents & my dream.

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3 thoughts on “Komol Babu who dreams to become a footballer”

  1. Emran Hossain

    Nice and successful history,,,,,,, Really it’s helpful for every person to don’t give up the way that what you want to be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. nice.i am starting my journey by reading your post.you wrote so nicely. your sentence decoration was nice.you wrote a story of dream.i liked it very much.i had a dream also.i wanted to be a doctor in my childhood. but my luck was not favour of mine.so i failed in my mission. but i firmly believe that i might had so much wrong in my decision or didn’t do my duty seriously fulfilling my cherish. now i ain’t upset for that.it is very important to be a good man more than be good in position. sometimes life don’t give you that you want,that means not life has to be stopped. it will run in this own way.we have to adjust with it.then only we can be a happy in life……

  3. Nurul Karim Simun

    Hello dear, you have written a successful story. i have liked it. i was a story. i wanted to be something like doctor, engineer. when i heard from my parents, study more for getting success in life. i was not in rich family. my father was a teacher. he had a great dream about his sons. they had no more money studying his sons in good school. he didn’t take any steps for his son so that he can be a doctor or an engineer or something like. whatever, i have passed from a reputed university by taking arts subject. so it is not possible to be an engineer or a doctor. i was being hopeless. i addicted to computer. and now i work at a software firm. i can turn my life from arts to science.. hehe thank you very much for your good handwriting.

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