Letter to Mihu About Our Country’s Seasons

Dear Mihu,
At first take my warm wishes with salam. Assalamualaikum dear. Yesterday I got your letter. I am so pleased to get your letter. It’s very informative too. In your letter you wrote about your country’s weather.you also wished to know about our country’s weather. I will be glad & more inspired to inform you about our country & it’s weather . Now I would like to say something about our country’s weather.

The name of our country  is Bangladesh. It got freedom since 1971. How beautiful is our country! It has different beauty. There are green & green scenario around it. There is a blue sky above on head .the river look like silver are blowing always.

There are six seasons in our beautiful country. They are – summer season , rainy season, autumn season , late autumn, winter season & spring season. The each season comes to us with different natural beauty.

The summer season
The Bengali year starts with boisahkh month. Summer season makes with the two months, Boishakh & Joistho. This time felt very hot. The canal and the swamps are got crack by dry. Sometimes happens intolerable storm. That time injured some life & properties. In this season ropes many kind of savoury fruits. Such as mango, jack fruit, litchi & so many on. Jack fruit is our national fruit.

The Rainy season
The Rainy season makes with Ashar and Srabon month. That time dark clouds are moving into the sky. Every now and again falls rain quickly. The canals and swamps are fill up and down with water . The frogs are doing sounds “ghengor gheng “. The air was fulfilled with the smell of Kodom and Keya.

The Autumn season
The Autumn season makes with Vadro and Ashbin month. That time moves the head of the new paddy plants leaf on the air. The colour of sky has became deep blue. The light white clouds such like cotton are overflowing in the sky. The wind blows with Kashful in the bank of river. There were getting the sweet smell of Shiuli flower surrounds on the air.

The late-autumn season
The late-autumn season makes with Kartik and Ogrohayon month. That time the paddy got ripe in the fields. In every home to home celebrates to making cakes & payes by the new paddy. The festival called by the name of “Nobanno “. That time feels something cold. In the morning light dew income on the top of grass.

The Winter Season
The winter season makes with Pous and Magh months. That time the juice of date and gur can got available in every village area. Home to home thumps up with eating cakes. The surrounding area was covered with heavy fog. In the morning trees & top of the grass are get coverage with heavy fog. At the end of winter starts falling leaves from tree.

The Spring season
The Spring season makes with Falgun and Choitro months “.. That time the nature comes makeups with new beauty .different types of flowers covered in the tree. The birds are singing at the branch .the mind feels very happy by singing of Kokil. That’s why the Spring season called by the king of season.
That’s the six seasons we celebrated in our country.
No more today. Give my salam to your lovely parents. And give also my affectionate love to your youngers.

Yours faithfully

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