Letter to Mihu about search English group

Dear Mihu, 16, nov18
At first take my greetings with salam, Assalamualaikum. How are you & also your parents & all the family members? I hope you are very well by the grace of the almighty & the creator Allah. I also passing my life with your prayers & the grace of almighty Allah.
Mihu my sister, last few years you had been trying to communicate with me on online ways. But I couldn’t it because of my poor IT knowledge . I couldn’t understand properly to write, read, speak in English. English is my most weakened matter. If I could understand English then I could learn online chat & communicate with you and the others. English is the 2nd language for communication with the others who are foreigners & don’t understand my own language. So we can’t deny the importance of English.
But now I’m sitting to write you something in English. It’s possible only for search English group. I would like to give heartily thanks to creator of this group, dear Razib Ahmed sir.
I did many mistakes to write anything, but nobody laugh me. I couldn’t write only one sentence properly, & there was many spelling wrong on comments. But nobody took my fault never. But also they inspired me always.
The members & the moderators also gave me courage to do more practice. Razib Ahmed sir also gave more & more inspiration by his posts & live conversation.
By their inspiration I could remove my hesitation, shyness, fear every negative sides about English. Now you can see the present results of mine. Now I can write you & communicate with you in English, it’s unbelievable for me.
I confess it I am not as much as good in English, because I also new in this group. The journey of my English learning is a short period pass yet I swear I must touch the goal of fluency, accuracy in English. Please keep me in your prayers.
Give my salam to Ankle & aunt. & give my love to your youngers. Give me your feed back about yourself. That’s all for today.
Yours loveable

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9 thoughts on “Letter to Mihu about search English group”

  1. sultan mahmud sovuj

    Every members of search English group are debt on Rajib sir became he is the founder of this group.Every members can participate here for pracfising,beings helpful of all members the poster’s can get appreciate from the others group that’s he become to eager such a new post & day by day he will be made good at in English

  2. English is a International language.My mother language in Bangla. English is a 2nd language. If i practice continue here then i improved English skill InshaAllah.

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