letter to my parents

To my dearest father and mother

first of all take my salam and doaa.I am hopefull that you are both in a good health. after a long days I am writing a letter to you. I am fine and leading a good healthy life here.I have been continuing my study as you expect from me. I know that you always keep me in your pprayers. I miss you and love you both so much.now I am giving you a good news that is about search English group. It is an amazing English learning group on social networking specially entitled to the  facebook. approximately, it has 2 lacs members who are passing their time to learn English with listening, writing, reading and speaking. its founder is #Razib sir who is a hardworking and very nice person and always trying to give us the best things.  he has already made us as a fearless person to practice and learn English. he considers that English is a power and we are using this power to be effective and efficient in English. you should also pray for him so that he can be more effective to fulfil his dream.

therefore,  I am not writing any more today.  please take care of your health.  I wish I will be with you very soon.

your son sheikh masud

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