Life is too short for hatred : Main_Hoon_Na

Life is too short for hatred , #Main_Hoon_Na <3

We have to pass our life through many hurdles . Many people come and go repeatedly . There are some people who always try to help , try to bring others in the waves of life . But in calculation of life , they are always defeated . In our life we have to face many hindrances , fights and farces . Other side we also enjoy sweet moment with our dears . But for some mistakes , or wrong personalities we can’t avoid . For one simple rude or negative attitude , we make a form of others personalities . If others wishes are not matches our intention , we abandon them . Another side , there are many persons have to tolerate others fault through the life , even they have not any fault . For social status , to impress others , to make quality , they always try , but all efforts remain in few to their ego . People leave them for some mistakes , don’t remember the useful tasks . They remain always alone in the shore . We cant forgive others or make own again . We reject them for a while . It’s said that our world is vert big , but by this away , we make narrow our world .

Main Hoon Na – a action drama film by Farah Khan . Ram is a major who is assigned to make successful Project Millap , it’s POW in war between Pakistan and India by giving rescue some civilians that have been caught . But Raghavan is a evil character that doesn’t want this and try to defend it for his personal interest . He killed Ram’s father Shekhar Sharma . Then General Bakshi gets information that his daughter, Snajana is in a danger . He sends Ram as a student to go undercover to protect Sanjana who is reading in Darjeeling . While studying , he is acknowledged that his step brother , Lucky is reading in that college . His mother abandoned her husband for Ram . To fulfill his father’s last wish to disperse his father’s ashes by two brothers , Ram tries to convince them , but his efforts goes to vain. They reject him . In the meantime , he discovers , Raghavan kidnapped Sanjana as well Lucky . After heart beating fight , Ram defeats the Raghavaban , They become united again .

This blockbuster movie was played By #Shah_ Rukh_Khan as Ram , Susmita Sen as a chemistry teacher , Zayed Khan as a Lucky , Amrita Rao as a Sanjana and many stars . This movie garnered lots of prizes including Flimfare , Zine cine awards etc .



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