Mental power and broad mind towards success

This post has been written by Asmot Ali:

All of we want to do something through shortcut procedure. If we can,t, then we think that I’m good for nothing for this work.According to the point of shortcut view in our irritant life we mostly prefer getting smooth results to doing tenacious something from different category of our life.We’re falling in those way to get easy success where we’re not to do ardouse work’s.What’s our mantle condition?.What’s our thinking power from Our placate mind?.We’ve to exceed,We’ve to replace our narrow mind from present situations. We’ve to take decision that we’re the best creation in the universes from all of creature of Allah. We’ve unlimited power for creating history in the society, in the nation, in the temporary life,in the beloved country.For arousing our mantle power & broadn our mind we’ve to take & obey all of instructions from our Respectible teacher Razib sir..His recommendations is as like a sharp knife….

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